Garrett T3 Complete Rebuild Kit

  • Garrett T3 Complete Rebuild Kit

    Garrett T3 Complete Rebuild Kit


    Bearing Option
    Seal Type
    Price: $124.29
    On Sale: $109.00


    #1  Journal Bearings
    #2  Retaining Rings for Journal Bearings
    #3  Piston Ring for Turbine End
    #4  Thrust Bearing
    #5  Thrust Collar
    #6  Seal, YOU SPECIFY TYPE (See Above)
    #7  Seal Ring for Bearing Housing
    #8  Thrust Spring for Backing Plate
    #9  Thrust Spacer (only used in 1pc and 4pc Carbon Seal Kit)
    #10  Locknut for Shaft
    #11  O-Ring/Gasket for Compressor Housing
    #12  Bolts for Compressor End
    #13  Clamps for Compressor End
    #14  Bolts for Bearing Housing
    #15  E-Clip for Swingvalve
    #16  Lock Plates for Turbine End
    #17  Bolts for Turbine End
    #18  Clamps for Turbine End

    Don't confuse our rebuild kits with the "cheap imitation" products found on auction sites or less than reputable online stores. Buy your USA, Canada or UK made rebuild kit from TurboKits.com and rest assured knowing you are receiving quality parts!

    Because we do not offer returns on turbo rebuild kits, please make sure you order the correct item. If you have questions, contact our sales department with the turbocharger part #, model #, and serial # to ensure order accuracy.

    TurboKits.com recommends all turbochargers be balanced as part of the assembly & rebuild process. It isn’t uncommon for turbo components to be spinning at 150,000+ RPM and at that speed, an unbalanced wheel or shaft will cause havoc on the performance and reliability of your unit. A great analogy is to compare the compressor wheel of a turbo to a wheel/tire being mounted to your vehicle. If that combination is not balanced, vibration occurs. The shaking travels through the hub of the vehicle, causing bearing failure, ball joint failure, and potentially tie rod failure, jeopardizing safety and efficiency. While we can’t always feel the vibration occurring inside an unbalanced turbo, we see the smoke or hear the squeal after it has failed. If you do not have access to balancing equipment for your turbocharger, please select the TurboKits.com rebuild service so we can properly perform the repair for you! Thanks.

    1. Garrett T3 Complete Rebuild Kit

      Garrett T3 Complete Rebuild Kit