TSI Extreme Turbo Kit

  • TSI Extreme Turbo Kit

    TSI Extreme Turbo Kit


    Turbo Upgrade
    fits: 92-98 BMW 325i
    Engines: 2.5L
    HP Gains: 40% Gain
    Boost: 6PSI
    Price: $3,499.99
    On Sale: $2,999.00


    $200 OFF - Ends 05/31/18

    Garrett turbo and manifold pre-assembled
    Down pipe and gasket
    Polished charge piping
    High flow intercooler
    Stainless steel braided oil line and fittings
    Stainless steel braided water lines for turbo cooling
    Rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    Blow-off valve
    Map unit (black box)
    Heat shield
    Air intake (connects to stock air box)
    Oil return hose and oil pan fitting
    All hardware, pressure lines, hoses, clamps, and couplers included

    Bolt on kit does not require any special installation.

    Will work with A/T or M/T Transmission

    Turbo is set at 6 Lbs. boost and will provide 40% safe increase in Horsepower without engine modifications needed.

    Unit comes with stand alone 2 extra injector fuel management system.

    It is recommended that the car be Dyno tuned by a professional to get maximum performance and proper air fuel mixture.

    1. TSI Extreme Turbo Kit

      TSI Extreme Turbo Kit