AGP Stage 4 Package

  • AGP Stage 4 Package

    AGP Stage 4 Package


    CAI Color
    Fuel Return
    Solid Mount Color
    Turbo Choice
    fits: 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT 4
    Engines: 03-05 SRT-4
    HP Gains: 450-500 HP
    Boost: Custom
    Price: $4,500.00


    • yChoice of Turbos
    • Upper and Lower Hard Pipes 
    • HKS SSQ BOV 
    • AGP Cold Air Intake 
    • AGP SCT Fuel Kit 
    • Turbonetics Variable Billet Boost Controller 
    • AGP Direct Fit FMIC 
    • AGP Solid Engine Mounts and Tranny Mount

    Introducing the AGP Stage 4 Package; from this point forward, let it be known as Stage 4. We know what you're thinking, "Not another confusing turbo kit offering from the turbo guys at AGP!" The reason why we've decided to create this package is for the sole purpose of simplifying your upgrade path for your SRT-4.

    So you've just purchased an SRT-4, you love everything about it: the seats, the looks, the handling, and the power. However, you're a gear head and can't leave a car stock, and what better than to increase the performance of the car with, hrm let's say about 200 more horsepower. Up until now, you've had to piece all the parts together to make it all work properly to get over 400whp on pump gas, and it's been confusing as hell for most of you. Now it's simple.

    The heart of the Stage 4 is centered around the AGP Big Turbo Upgrade Kit. This kit starts off with a new exhaust manifold centered around the T31 High Flow 4 bolt outlet turbine housing. Turbo placement is a key variable in this design, because of the clearance with the engine and firewall. Rest assured, the centerline placement of the turbocharger allows for enough room so you DO NOT have to "convince" your firewall. NO DENTING OR HACKING OF THE FIREWALL NEEDED with our kit. We do offer other turbos as options to the Stage 4.

    The next step is integrating the highest quality and perfectly matched turbo assembly into the mix. As our base turbo, we've chosen the Delta 38. We add an elbow to the compressor housing so that it will line up to your factory charge pipe with a little modification. The AGP-38 external wastegate has been the choice among racers in all industries. We needed a way to properly manage the exhaust flow to the turbine as to prevent any unwanted boost creep, but still allow enough control for those wanting to put the engine to its limits.

    In order to physically make the turbo kit work properly, the Stage 4 includes our Upper and Lower Hard Pipes with an HKS SSQ Blow Off Valve and the AGP Cold Air Intake. Since the stock turbo houses the system's Blow Off Valve, we need to add one into the mix with the kit. The AGP CAI is available in a variety of colors to match your particular taste, but please note that colors are special order, while we always have polished in stock.

    You bigger turbo needs more fuel so the Stage 4 includes the Walbro 255lph high pressure fuel pump that feeds the 750cc AGP saturated injectors (high impedence). We've found a way to manage all that extra fuel for you with the AGP Specific SCT flash. No wiring, no tuning, just plug it in and flash your factory PCM to pretuned Stage 4 specifications. (NOTE: Our flash works will all the SRT4 PCM’s except stock 03) If you wish to run more than 440whp, we recommend adding our Fuel Return Kit to your Stage 4.

    Next on the list in the Stage 4 is the Turbo XS High Performance Boost Controller to fine tune your boost curve.

    A key ingredient in achieving the 400whp on pump gas number with Stage 4 is upgrading the the factory intercooler with one of AGP finest products, the Direct Fit FMIC. You do not have to remove your factory "crash bar" with this intercooler. Do not let it's size fool you, this bar and plate core packs a huge punch in allowing consistent air flow at 30-50 degrees cooler over the factory unit. You have the option to choose our Standard FMIC or Race FMIC at an additional cost.

    You'll need to be able to get all this new power to the ground safely. The factory engine mounts for the SRT-4 are inadequate for even a stock car. The AGP Solid Mount kit with Tranny Mount will eliminate your wheel hop and allow you new found power . This kit is absolutely necessary for a modified SRT-4, and can improve drivability and will definitely cut down your quarter mile times. The kit includes a solid upper mount, solid lower mount, and washers for the top and bottom mounts. Available in black and silver powdercoated finish. We also include a new aluminum solid Tranny Mount with Stage 4.

    1. AGP Stage 4 Package

      AGP Stage 4 Package
    2. AGP Stage 4 Package

      AGP Stage 4 Package
    3. AGP Stage 4 Package

      AGP Stage 4 Package