Velocity Racing Turbo Kit

  • Velocity Racing Turbo Kit

    Velocity Racing Turbo Kit


    Billet Turbo Upgrade
    Blow Off Valve
    Boost Controller
    Fuel Management
    Water Injection
    fits: 01-15 Suzuki GSXR1000
    Engines: GSXR 1000
    HP Gains: 90-100 WHP
    Boost: 6-8 PSI *MADE TO ORDER KIT*
    Price: $4,195.00
    On Sale: $9,999.00


    • Custom T28 Turbo
    • Tial 38mm External Wastegate
    • Stainless Turbo Header
    • Stainless Exhaust Dump Pipe
    • Silicone Charge Hose
    • Aluminum Intake Plenum
    • Fuel Pump w/ All Lines & Fittings
    • Holley Rising Rate Regulator & Fuel Filter
    • Base Map for Power Commander
    • Boost Gauge
    • Oil Lines & Fittings
    • Oil Cooler Line Block Off
    • All Clamps, Couplers, Gaskets for Install
    • Install Instructions

    This system is designed to bolt straight on a stock bike with a stock motor. No need for any engine mods except heavy clutch springs.The first bike made 250hp at 8 psi of boost. The new 1000 is very smooth and controllable. This bike went 8.63@170mph the first weekend out with the bike. We believe it will go 8.30's with a little more time on the bike. The system comes with everything needed for install.

    This turbo system was designed for practical everyday use. It is also intended to bolt on to a stock motor/stock chassis and utilize gas station pump fuel. Power delivery is very docile and predictable. The motorcycle will still perform and act as stock with no hindrance from the addition of the turbo system.

    Parts like the fuel system are plug and play. Everything is prerigged to plumb directly in place. Also the fuel system is accompanied with plug and play base map. To ensure a safe performing turbo system the fuel management system's pressure settings have been preadjusted and preset to the proper levels and leak tested to ensure safe performance. Just take the basemap to your local DYNO and fine tune for your set up. All hardware is included in this kit, you will not need to make special trips to your parts supply stores.

    05+ Requires Radiator Modification (Included)

    Turbo Kit is made to order, ETA 12 Weeks+

    Wire or Bank Check Only
    1. Velocity Racing Turbo Kit

      Velocity Racing Turbo Kit
    2. Velocity Racing Turbo Kit

      Velocity Racing Turbo Kit
    3. Velocity Racing Turbo Kit

      Velocity Racing Turbo Kit