Hurricane 7268-T3 a.k.a. Christina

  • Hurricane 7268-T3 a.k.a. Christina (600-700HP)

    Hurricane 7268-T3 a.k.a. Christina (600-700HP)


    Ball Bearing Upgarde
    Price: $971.26
    On Sale: $825.57


    • Comp Size: HP-72, 4.0" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet / Ported Shroud
    • Turbine Size: T3, 4.0" Vband Outlet, .84 A/R, F1-68 Wheel

    This family of turbochargers was developed with Turbonetics customers through real world dyno and racetrack testing. Today's engines and tuners continue to push the limits of forced induction performance to heights never before thought possible. Taking aggressive approaches to compressor wheel and housing combinations and then thoroughly testing the aerodynamic results gave rise to the Hurricane Series.
    Held in secret for a long time by Turbonetics customers who knew the power potential of this line of turbos, the Hurricane Series capitalizes on having compact dimensions while still being able to quickly build and maintain boost pressures across the rpm band. Easily selected based on horsepower goals to choose the unit right for you.
    Perfect for smaller displacement engine applications that need to run high boost pressures and other vehicle applications that require smaller turbocharger compressor housings due to engine bay packaging constraints, the Hurricane Series delivers exceptional spool-up and boost response with the optional Turbonetics patented Ceramic Ball Bearing (CBB) and high pressure compressor housing combination.

    The Hurricane 7268-3 (Code Name: Christina) is the third largest compressor size in the Hurricane Series. The 7268-3 represents the third largest possible combination of compressor and the largest turbine wheel within a 60 series / T3 turbocharger housing configuration. This turbocharger features a 72mm compressor wheel within a traditional 60 series compressor cover for enormous power potential and pressure ratio capability that is uniquely flexible to accomodate tight packaging constraints. The F1-68 turbine wheel (68mm) is squeezed into a tradtional T3 turbne housing to produce one of the most compact high power turbochargers on the market. With a 600 to 700 HP potential this turbocharger in well suited for large 6 cylinder and most 8 cylinder applications where compact packaging cannot compromise all out performance.

    1. Hurricane 7268-T3 a.k.a. Christina (600-700HP)

      Hurricane 7268-T3 a.k.a. Christina (600-700HP)