BEP S362-71-12 and S362-71-14 BatMoWheel 2nd Gen Upgrade

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BatMoWheel™ with Bullseye Power's exclusive leading edge technology is engineered for gas and diesel engines increasing both air flow and spool up. 5%+ Increase in flow over other Billet Wheel Turbo without any loss of response!

Extended Tip Technology (ETT):
By extending the ends of the compressor wheel, Bullseye Power has effectively increased the pressure ratio, efficiency and flow of the entire compressor. This gives the S200 and S300 pressure ratios and efficiencies that can normally only be had with larger, slower spooling turbos.

The extended fins do not hamper spool-up. The compressor wheel is designed to remove excess weight, reducing overall rotating mass. Of particular importance is the reduction of weight at the outer edges which is a major factor for reducing inertia. The weight reduction and where it is reduced allows these compressor wheels to spool FAST.

Map Width Enhancement Grooves: Map Width Enhancement Grooves: These grooves allow air to be pulled and fed directly into the second set of blades on the compressor wheel outside of the main inlet. This most notably increases the efficiency of the compressor as well as overall air flow, hence the name, Map Width Enhancement Grooves: it produces "wider" compressor maps. Along with the increased efficiency, feeding the second set of blades directly helps decrease spool time.

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Part NumberBEPS36271-2B
BrandBullseye Power
Type of PartTurbo Upgrades
Engine FitmentCummins 5.9L
Horsepower Gains405-540HP
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