Ferrea Valve-Spring-Retainer Package

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Ferrea Racing Component’s Competition Plus Valves have built a reputation as the industry’s most reliable racing valve. Ferrea is dedicated to providing the absolute best product on the market. Ferrea's extensive R & D programs provide technological enhancements that are implemented in each of their competition plus valves. They are engineered for high rpm’s, high horsepower racing engines, and are chosen by many top Drag, Oval Track, Road Racing and Sprint Car teams.

To manufacture the valves they use special aerospace quality alloys, including the EV8-Z18, which provides high tensile strength. An exclusive two-step slow forging process ensures proper grain flow and virtually eliminates any damage to the material structure. The valves are then heat-treated and stress-relieved over a 48-hour period, which is the crucial base of our molecular integrity. These valves feature avionics-quality hard chrome along with a specially applied hard tip. The engineering staff at Ferrea spends countless hours conducting flow bench tests to achieve an optimum balance of flow, velocity and efficiency in the design of these valves.

As a result, these valves incorporate smoother radiuses and unique undercuts. These exclusive features are what make the Ferrea Competition Plus Valves unequalled in performance and reliability! The evolution in volumetric efficiency of today’s competition engines has increased the average engine EGT. These higher Exhaust Gas Temperatures decrease the longevity of the valves as well as creating higher levels of metallurgical fatigue. These increased stress loads create an environment in the engine conducive to valve failure. The exhaust valves in the Competition Plus series are manufactured from Ultra High Strength, High Temp Nickel Stainless Steel Alloys. Ferrea first used this material with great success during the development of a very high stress, high temp endurance racing program.

Lead time is about 3 weeks
Professional Machine Shop Installation required: The stem tips will need to be ground and/or matched with the buckets you have to, properly space the lobe and cylinder clearance. You may need to order additional buckets to get different button thicknesses. The kit is meant to use OEM seals and retainer keepers with the titanium retainers.
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Engine Fitment3.8L
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