HKS Stopper Style Head Gasket Set

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Opposed Bead Stopper Type Metal Gasket for the FA20 engine of 86/BRZ provides higher bore sealing durability than a stock gasket. 2 types of the gasket are available. One is t0.5 increased compression ratio type for an NA engine (ε12.6←12.5, SC installable, Endurable approximately 300ps)and another type is t0.7 high engine output type for a supercharged engine (ε12.4←ε12.5, Endurable approximately 600ps with supercharger)


  • Maintain a high seal with high pressure!
       Both types are endurable against high engine output. Stopper structure of the bore seal is separated type so it prevents leakage even under high gas-pressure at high engine output.
  • Compression Ratio for an NA engine is increased!
       The t0.5 type (SC installable) for an NA engine was designed to increase the compression ratio compared to a stock gasket as well as seal durability. Also, it is thinner than a stock. It is the best to use for one make race with an NA engine. Compression ratio of the gasket for an NA engine is ε12.6. Its thickness is t0.5. (Stock compression ratio is ε12.5 and thickness is t0.6.)
  • 600ps D1 spec is reproduced for a supercharged engine
       The t0.7 type (for an engine equipped with a large SC) utilizes a stopper higher than the stock gasket to provide higher bore seal durability. It is designed to be endurable against 600ps engine power. Compression ratio was reduced only t0.7 so high heat efficiency can be maintained. Compression ratio of the gasket for a supercharged engine is ε12.4. Its thickness is t0.7. (Stock compression ratio is ε12.5 and thickness is t0.6.)
  • Contact surface pressure is improved!
       Special coating was applied on the head side and cylinder side to improve sealing performance when tightening the bolts.
  • Bore seal pressure was confirmed in figures.
       See the diagram below.
More Information
Part Number 23001-AT003
Brand HKS
Type of Part Engine
Engine Fitment FA20 Supercharged
Length 12.0
Width 14.0
Height 3.0
Weight 2.000000
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