Infinity-8h GM LS 58X Plug N Play Engine Harness

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Chevy/GM LS Plug & Play Engine Harness for Crate Motors and Racing Engines
Once you have determined which Infinity EFI ECU will best support your Chevy/GM LS M/T engine, you will need to purchase a Plug & Play engine harness. AEM’s Plug & Play engine harness for LS engines includes a Wideband O2 connector for Bosch 4.2 LSU UEGO sensors and an auxiliary connector with a Deutsch DTM 12P connector for adding common aftermarket sensors including fuel pressure, air inlet temperature, MAP, oil temperature and ethanol content sensor (Wideband Extension Cables recommended). The expansion port also includes a sensor ground, 5v reference, 12v power from relay and high side output for activating a relay or solenoid, a low side output for boost control and analog inputs for mode switch and no-lift shift.

An integrated, weather resistant fuse and relay panel delivers superior circuit protection, and an additional Deutsch connector is included to allow users to wire the fuel pump to the Infinity for full control. Individual coil sub harnesses are not included.

The Infinity EMS delivers high-end engine control for the racing masses at a fraction of the cost. The Infinity-8h for LS race engines uses airflow-based tuning models to simplify start up and speed up the tuning process by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (Correction Tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs.

200MHz Processor and Real Time Operating System
Late model vehicle ECU’s all run on faster processors. The Infinity ECU is built around a latest-generation 32 bit floating point 200MHz automotive processor and Real Time Operating System (RTOS), which is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second). By comparison, common competitive systems typically use 20MHz to 50MHz processors. To our knowledge, the Infinity ECU currently has the fastest processing speed of any aftermarket Motorsports ECU available. This allows the Infinity to do more, faster, in a more stable programming environment.

•The Infinity’s 200MHz processor and RTOS makes the Infinity more responsive, for a better driving experience
•The Infinity’s 200MHz processor and RTOS allows for more accurate ignition timing, which enables an engine to create more power
•The Infinity’s faster processor allows it to perform more computational features with no sacrifice in processing performance
•The Infinity’s RTOS ensures strategic processing with optimized load balancing. This means that tuning one feature will not affect the performance of another feature

Infinity Programmable ECU Features:
•Airflow model based (VE) tuning
•ECU Set Up Wizard simplifies start up
•Flex Fuel compatible
•Multi fuel capable
•Programmable Drive by wire
•Variable valve control
•Multiple boost control strategies
•Programmable nitrous control
•Map switching (on-the-fly)
•Internal wideband UEGO air/fuel controller
•Dual knock sensing circuits
•Data logging up to 64GB, up to 100 channels at 1KHz
•Outputs to 3rd party dashes and data loggers
•Industry leading data transfer speed (up to 480Mb/sec)
•Integrated engine protection strategies
•Sealed enclosure and IP67 rated comms ports

AEM LS 58x Infinity Wiring Harness Connectors:
•Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body
•Accelerator Pedal
•Air Temperature Sensor
•Injectors 1 - 8
•Ignition Coils Banks 1 & 2
•Wideband O2
•Knock Sensor x 2
•Crank Position Sensor
•Cam Position Sensor
•Engine Coolant Temp Sensor
•Fuel Pressure Sensor
•Oil Pressure Sensor
•Radiator Fan (12" flying lead)
•Fuel Pump (12" flying lead)
•4-Wire Stepper IAC (Optional)
•1-Wire Alternator
•Power Distribution Center (5 Fuse-Protected Relays, Distributed Coil & Injector Power)

Plug & Play Crate Motor LS Harness Features:
•Plugs into factory coil sub harnesses and uses factory sensors for easy integration
•Integrated, weather-resistant fuse & relay panel (7 fuses and 5 relays) for optimum circuit protection
•Shielded cam/crank inputs
•Automotive-grade, color-coded wiring
•High quality braided mesh loom
•Waterproof & shockproof factory sensor connectors
•DTM-style connectors for auxiliary components
•Integrated connectors that mate to OEM coil sub harnesses 

A Complete Standalone EFI System for Chevy LS Engines
The Infinity ECU combines with a GM LS Plug & Play engine harness to retain full control of the engine’s functions. It is ideal for crate motor solutions that are using aftermarket dashboards as they can be configured using the on-board CAN bus (will not communicate with the factory dashboard on GM LS equipped vehicles).

The Infinity ECU is able to control the variable valve camshaft and drive-by-wire on equipped LS engines, providing tuners with the ability to take full advantage of the engine’s low-end power potential, and eliminate the need to convert to cable throttle. Users can create two drive-by-wire profiles for rain maps, pit lane limits and more.

AEM’s LS PNP Engine Harness also eliminates the restrictive factory mass airflow sensor (MAF) and airbox, making it an ideal harness solution for forced induction applications. Other key racing features include multiple boost control strategies, programmable nitrous control, on-the-fly map switching, programmable four-wheel speed traction control, launch control, flex fuel and multi fuel capability. It utilizes airflow (VE) based tuning, has up to 64GB data logging capacity and can transfer data at up to 480Mb/second. Its enclosure is sealed and suitable for engine bay mounting.

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Part Number 30-3801
Brand AEM
Type of Part Engine Management
Length 12
Width 12
Height 5
Weight 5.000000
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