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Integrated Engineering Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit

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IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit
IE is excited to announce it’s Overdrive Crank Pulley Upgrade for 3.0T Engines. The upgraded pulley will increase the supercharger RPM by 26% when paired with the IE Upgraded Supercharger Pulley (IEBAVJ1A). This results in higher boost levels and a very fast 3.0T engine. Read more to get the details!  

IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit  IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit  IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit  IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit  IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit

Product Features
• Installs over the stock crank pulley and increases the supercharger RPM
• 16% additional increase in supercharger speed
• 26% Increase supercharger speed when used with IEBAVJ1A
• Retains the OEM damper to ensure crankshaft safety
• IE overdrive crank pulley diameter is188mm (stock 162.25mm)
• Lightweight anodized aluminum construction
• Includes belt and all replacement hardware

The IE Overdrive Crank Pulley Upgrade is designed to work in-hand with the IE Overdrive Superchager Pulley Upgrade Kit. When installed together the charger speed will increase by 26% resulting in higher boost levels and more power. Also required for proper operation is a stage 3 tune and intercooler upgrade. Healthy power gains will be realized from running a dual pulley setup, however, gains will vary depending on the ECU tune used. This pulley also removes all supercharger torque from the OEM Damper unit, greatly decreasing the chances of damper failure.    


Stock Pulley                                      63.20                 162.25                                  2.5672
IE Stage 2 Pulley (SC pulley only)        57.5                   162.25                                  2.8217
IE Dual Pulleys (SC & crank pulleys)    57.5                   188                                      3.2695
The following items are included:
1X IE Overdrive Crank Pulley
1X Overdrive Serpentine Belt
8X Overdrive Crank Pulley Bolts
The following items are not included but required:
Stage 3 tune (IE tune coming soon!)
IE Overdrive Supercharger Pulley (IEBAVJ1A)
Air intake  (IEINCG2 S4 intake or similar)
Heat exchanger upgrade
The Crank Pulley installs over the stock crankshaft damper which is a relatively simple process. However, and mounting boss will need to be clearanced in order to allow sufficient space for the serpentine belt. A grinder or dremel tool will be required for this process.

Audi - S4 2009-2015 (B8 - B8.5)
Audi - S5 2008-2015 (B8 - B8.5)
Audi - A6 2012-2015 (C7 - C7.5) 3.0T engine
Audi - A7 2010-2015 (C7 - C7.5) 3.0T engine
Audi - SQ5 2008-2015 (8R)
Audi - Q5 2008-2015 (8R) 3.0T engine
Audi - Q7 2005-2015 (4L) 3.0T engine

Stage 3 tune (IE tune coming soon!)
IE Overdrive Supercharger Pulley - IE Part Number: IEBAVJ1A
Cold Air intake - IE Part  Number: IEINCG2 or similar
Heat exchanger upgrade

For CA Proposition 65 Warning: Click Here

More Information
Part Number IEBAVJ3
Brand Preference Integrated Engineering
Filter by Type of Part Superchargers
Select Your Engine 3.0T
Height 12.0
Width 12.0
Length 6.0
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