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Integrated Engineering Street Camshaft Set

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Integrated Engineering is proud to offer the second generation of  VW/Audi 1.8T 20V performance camshaft sets. 1.8T factory cams are tuned to a very low RPM operation with small turbochargers resulting in an engine that struggles to make power in the high RPM range with larger aftermarket turbochargers. Integrated Engineering camshafts re-tune the sequencing of the valves, allowing for more airflow at high RPM.  Version 2 of IECVA12 street camshafts feature new IE proprietary cam profiles and center lines.  These new grinds result in further increased performance, cleaner idle properties, and a more linear power band.  IECVA2 camshafts are a strong street  setup intended for turbocharged applications using turbochargers in the 400-650bhp size range, or when an OE idle is prefferred. These camshafts are the only sets on the market designed by engineers who truly specialize in the 1.8T application.  As a result, they are much more finely tuned to the specific needs of these engines and produce extrordinary results.  They are CNC ground to exacting standards from camshaft profile data exclusive to IE and designed by our engineering staff.  By eliminating the troublesome internal adjusters, and incorperating OE style timing marks, we have not only made these camshafts reliable, but also very simple to install.  We have incorporated an extensive program of dyno testing to optimize these camshafts for the engine setups people actually run. IE camshafts are carefully designed for optimum valvetrain harmonics and safe, long life of your components, yet engine dyno testing to yielded gains of up to 60 peak bhp at 22psi. If you intend to run higher than factory RPM with these camshafts, an Integrated Engineering matched spring and retainer set (PN: IEVTVA2) is recommended.


CNC ground on new chill hardened cores
Dialed in via extensive engine dyno testing
For OE style hydraulic lifter buckets
Strong power from 4500 to 8000 rpm

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Part Number IECVA2
Brand Preference Integrated Engineering
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Select Your Engine 1.8T 20v
Height 10.0
Width 10.0
Length 25.0
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