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    What Turbo is best for my Ride?

    Although pairing a turbo to a specific application does take expertise, there are some basic questions that you need to consider before going turbo hunting. First, you must determine realistic horsepower goal. In many cases, installing a turbo on a naturally aspirated engine is the ultimate intent. Generally speaking, stock engines can internally support horsepower gain of roughly 50%-60% without drastic modifications. Consider an engine that is 200 HP (more...)
  • TurboKits.com Shop Tour

    For nearly a decade TurboKits.com has been the leading supplier of turbo kits and forced induction accessories to customers worldwide. From their humble beginnings in a rented three room office to the 10,000 sq/ft facility they now call "home", the core principal of the company has never changed- make customers happy! The dawn of the new millennium (more...)
  • TurboKits.com Forced Induced

    In an effort to "go green", many automotive manufacturers are turning to the use of turbochargers to meet fuel, pollution, and EPA restrictions set forth by today’s society. In the past, finding a balance between efficiency and performance meant lighter cars, smaller motors, and 120 HP… not nearly enough oomph to get a driving enthusiasts’ heart pumping! Thankfully, those days are over. Mitsubishi, Subaru, BMW, and Ford are a handful (more...)
  • Project R32: Garrett Twin Turbo Upgrade

    It’s been a long time in the works but we finally found the time to wrench on Project R32. With a busy travel and track day schedule, there never seemed to be an ideal time to start the surgery on the RB26. After a late summer '09 visit to The stock turbos were tired and the rear turbo exhaust wheel finally snapped clean off!!! Mosport though, one of the turbos (the infamous rear turbine) decided to call it quits. With no boost on tap, the GT-R was castrated and didn’t have the jam to keep up with a Camry considering it was now essentially a low-compression (more...)
  • Project Forte: KIA Forte Koup - TurboKits.com Cat-Back Exhaust Upgrade Install

    From factory the KIA Forte packs a decent punch, however there is never any harm in bumping up the horsepower while making some beautiful noise thanks to an aftermarket exhaust upgrade. (more...)
  • Project Forte: KIA Forte Koup - TurboKits.com Air Intake System Install

    A must have for any tuner enthusiast – the air intake system. All engines regardless of size and manufacturer require three ingredients for combustion: air, fuel and spark. Thus, increasing the airflow into an engine via an intake system will result in greater performance (horsepower), better throttle response and that signature suction noise (more...)
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