Level 10 Bulletproof Valvebody

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Calibrate your valvebody to handle extra power.

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to transmission parts like valve bodies, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Every driver is different and uses there vehicle in a different way, some race, some tow, some cruise, some just like performance.

Every LEVEL 10 valvebody is custom assembled just for your application.

We carefully select the spring weights, orifice sizes and location, valve size, and port modifications to suit your driving style and vehicle.

Having a transmission that slams every gear at every shift may be fine for the drags, but on the street it’s not only uncomfortable, but the constant pounding will take it’s toll on the rest of the vehicle in no time.

Tell us how you want your Transmission to work and we’ll design a valvebody that will make you smile every time you start your car.

Available for transmission codes: A4AF123,F4A21-2,F4A22-2,KM170,KM175,F4A51,F4A51

*Warning: do not send valvebody USPO!

**Remove Valvebody,Clean off excess Fluid, Place in Zip Lock Bag, and Wrap In Protective Packing Material As Valvebody is very Fragile. Than Secure In Box Marked As Fragile.

More Information
Part Number HYUN-JA210-3000
Brand Level 10
Type of Part Drivetrain
Engine Fitment 3.8 6AT
Length 18.0
Width 18.0
Height 18.0
Weight 35.000000
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