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MAPerformance Rotated Mount V-Band Turbo Kit

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Rotated Mount V-Band Turbo Kit

Let's pretend for a moment that we're an oxygen molecule about to stumble upon a Subaru that has been fitted with the MAP Rotated Mount Turbo Kit. Our first encounter is with a massive K&N air filter and custom 3.5" or 4" aluminum air intake that can be provisioned for either the stock mass airflow sensor or a speed density configuration. We're pulled through the air intake by vacuum being generated from the billet compressor wheel of a PTE turbocharger which is available in either journal bearing or ball bearing configuration ranging from 590 to 935hp when utilized to its fullest.

Once compressed we travel through the compressor outlet into your top mount intercooler (yes, this kit is compatible with top mount intercoolers) or front mount intercooler if you've already made the switch. We are forced through the throttle body, intake manifold and cylinder head where we play our part in the combustion process and become part of the exhaust gas as carbon dioxide or water. We are expelled through the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold until we encounter the custom 304 stainless steel 2" up-pipe. At this point we find ourselves at a fork in the road so to speak.

We may end up traveling back through the turbocharger (this time through the V-band turbine housing powering its rotation with exhaust energy) or we may bypass the turbo altogether through a Turbosmart CompGate40 external wastegate as a means of controlling the boost output of the turbocharger. Regardless, we find ourselves routed into a massive 304 stainless steel 3" downpipe and ultimately through your exhaust system and back out into the atmosphere. Quite the adventure right? Just wait until you get to experience it from behind the wheel!

•Your choice of turbocharger from Precision Turbo & Engine capable of 590 to 935hp
•Upgradable - Extract additional horsepower in the future by upgrading the turbo, a simple bolt-in affair
•Turbosmart CompGate40 External Wastegate
•304 Stainless Steel construction of downpipe and up-pipe
•Compatible with both Top and Front Mount Intercoolers
•Includes all applicable hardware, hoses, and heat barriers
•Integrated Wideband O2 Bung

NOTE: For STI MODELS ONLY! If you select Cold Air Intake Option in drop down, this will require cutting of your inner fender well to accommodate 3.5" piping.

For CA Proposition 65 Warning: Click Here

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