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MAPerformance Turbocharger Upgrade Kit

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Ecoboost Mustang Turbo Upgrade

Long before the invention of the car, people would think of ways to go from point A to point B faster. The same holds true nearly 200 years later, and is now easier than ever with the adaptation of the turbocharger on modern automobiles. Sure, the 2015 Ecoboost Mustang is plenty quick from the factory, but you crave more. More power equals a more exhilarating driving experience. But often times, with more power comes less reliability, a fact most car enthusiasts entertain every time they upgrade their car.

In the quest for 500whp, MAP pushed the limits of the stock engine and Ecoboost Mustang turbocharger. They weren't able to hit the glorious 500whp mark with stock hardware, so they set out to develop an aftermarket Mustang Ecoboost turbo upgrade kit that will be capable of setting that mark. With a little extra work, the Ecoboost Mustang Turbo Kit from MAPerformance will do that, providing everything you seek - More Power, More Reliability, all at a budget friendly price! Designed to get the most out of your 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang, this kit will add power and torque to the wheel for as long as you own the vehicle. So why not splurge a little and treat you and your new 2015 Ecoboost Mustang to an upgraded turbocharger kit today!

Please Note: The tune file that comes with the kit will be for 93oct and is rated for 390hp/410tq @ 23.5psi. Once you get the turbo kit installed you will be required to send a few datalogs to ensure the tune for your vehicle is on point as not all cars are the same. Anyone without 93oct in their area will be covered, will produce about 375hp/370tq depending on fuel quality.

* This kit is made to order and build times may vary.

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Part NumberMAP EBM-TK
Type of PartTurbo Upgrades
Engine Fitment2.3L
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