TurboKits.com Research and Development

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TurboKits.com is a leader in design, development, and production of turbo systems and related components for the automotive, industrial, and recreational industries. Since 2001 we have been supporting and selling our products to enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

TurboKits.com - RnD 2

Our skilled engineers have the experience and equipment to construct parts which offer unmatched quality, fitment, and performance gains for your application. The strong relationships we share with industry professionals provide us access to the latest turbochargers, components, and production techniques. If you are interested in having us build a line of your own turbo systems/components, please feel free to call 860-676-2929 or send an e-mail to Tech@TurboKits.com. In addition to the production aspect of the business we also offer warehousing, packaging, and drop ship services.

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