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SFR 3.5L - 3.7L Built VQ Block

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Every block has its deck surfaced to insure straightness. Each block is bored and honed with a deck plate to exacting specifications to provide the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance. Then all of the pistons rings are file fit to each cylinder to provide the correct ring end gaps which allows you to make more power with less leak down. After this the main and rod bearing clearances are checked with a bore gauge and micrometer (plastigauge is very inaccurate which is why it is not used) to get the appropriate clearances which will ultimately lead to prolonged engine life. The motor is finally assembled and torqued down to factory specifications. The crankshaft is then checked for end play and rod side clearance to make sure they are in spec. A stock sleeved block is good to about 700 horsepower, whereas Darton sleeved block is good for over 1000 horsepower.

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Part Includes
  • Balanced & Blueprinted
  • Bored & Honed
  • Balanced Crank
  • Arias Pistons
  • Pauter H-Beam Rods
  • Stock Nissan Bearings
  • Engine Machining & Assembly
  • Choice: 8.6, 9.2, 10.5 or 11.5 CR
BrandSpeed Force Racing
Type of PartEngine
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