Snow Performance STAGE 2 MAF/MAP - Nylon Line

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The Snow Performance Stage 2 MAF/MAP water methanol injection kit is designed for all naturally aspirated or forced induction vehicles utilizing a Mass Air Flow (MAF) or Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. The Stage 2 utilizes a progressive controller that proportionally injects more or less water methanol according to MAF/MAP output. Start and full points are adjustable to match what the engine requires. Proportionality injecting according to MAF/MAP output (Air Flow Entering Engine) gives an accurate delivery of water methanol for naturally aspirated vehicles allowing for the greatest octane and cooling enhancement over the widest range.

This kit utilizes the only OEM approved water methanol injection pump on the market with proprietary heat flange, twin seals, and custom motor winding to run cooler and longer than the competition. The Extreme Environment™ 300 PSI UHO pump is designed to be in the elements with O-Ring connections that are then sealed and potted at our Colorado facility to ensure no moisture can enter the pump internals. Compare this to pumps that use a pump "sleeve". These sleeves will keep moisture around the pump unit leading to corrosion as well as trap heat greatly decrease pump life. The Stage 2 MAF/MAP comes standard with 100% methanol resistant components using stainless steel, nickel plating, EPDM, and hard anodizing to ensure years of continued use. Tie that in with new Snow Performance ACU-SEAL™ compression fittings for guaranteed leak free operation even when using 100% methanol.

U.S.A. Made
Adjustable Progressive Water Methanol Engagement & Monitoring
Recommended For All Naturally Aspirated Vehicles With a MAF/MAP Sensor
Supports 1,000+ HP
100% Methanol Resistant (Stainless Steel, Nickel Plating, Hard Anodizing, EPDM)
Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic™ Water Methanol Nozzle
Snow Performance ACU-SEAL™ Water Methanol Compression Fittings
Snow Performance OEM Approved Extreme Environment™ 300 PSI UHO Water Methanol Pump
Snow Performance Running "S" Engraved Low Profile Nozzle Holder
Snow Performance Running "S" Engraved Low Profile High Flow Check Valve

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