T25 Manifold for Volvo C30

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T25 Manifold, Volvo 5 cylinder turbo model Volvo C30 T5. High flowing T25 flanged manifold for GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R-WG, or GT3076R-WG (also compatible with all other turbos flanged for T25). External wastegate flanged for Tial 38mm (or similar size 2 bolt wastegate), but can be used with Tial 44mm wastegate using ATP Adapter. Manifold is heavy duty construction and will not break under harsh street or racing conditions. T25 flange is tapped for 8mm x 1.25 pitch threads. We recommend the use of our 8mm studs and locknuts from the fasteners section.

Additional Notes on other supported applications for this manifold:
The C30 T5 gave us the opportunity to revisit the "other" Volvo 5 cylinder engines in the turbo lineup. Even though we have not been able to directly support the previous generations of the 5 cylinder Turbo engine up to this point, many of our loyal Volvo customers directly or indirectly used many of our products for their own turbo projects on these engines. For this reason, we took the liberty of putting some effort into ensuring some cross-compatbility of this new manifold across the various generations of the 2.3T, 2.4T, 2.5T, and T5 engines. In the design phases, we took into consideration the space and fitment considerations to make this manifold work on earlier models. We also overlayed the CAD drawings and made changes to ensure that the manifold to cylinder head flange will bolt up to all year models.

What this means is this manifold will bolt to any model of the transversely mounted 5 cylinder turbo engine ranging from 2.3L to 2.5L. This means all models dating back to year 1993 (the 850 model for example). However, we have only ensured proper clearance for the larger GT30 series for front wheel drive models on the earliers years up to 2005 (such as 2001-on S60/V70). The size of the turbo you can run and whether or not the turbo will interfere with the transfer case on the all-wheel-drive model is yet to be tested.

If you are doing a turbo upgrade project on the older (Pre-2005) 5 cylinder turbo models, you might be presented with option to use an OE S60R manifold as an "upgrade". We have found that the stock S60R manifold, along with the other original equipment units, has an inherent weakness in the design that severely hinders the engines ability to make power. Take a close look at any of these stock units and you will find that the turbo placement forces the manifold to take a sharp 90 degree turn downwards out of the manifold flange, effective putting a WALL right in front of each of the exhaust ports at every cylinder. On a turbo engine, backpressure is the enemy and having that much backpressure right at the exhaust ports severely sandbags the powerband and it's just bad from the getgo. These engines have a lot of power potential with already (25%) more displacement than the average 4 cylinder engine, it takes much less effort to make the same amount of power as the 4 banger. Once we freed up the exhaust flow out of the head with our manifold design did we see the engine come alive. Boost response was much better and the amount of power per psi of boost was much improved. We also saw very low backpressure numbers as well as EGTs, all of which equate to a more reliable engine.

These are the other reasons we have built this manifold. So Enjoy!
More Information
Part Number ATP-C30-004
Type of Part Turbo Manifolds
Engine Fitment 2.5L
Length 24.0
Width 10.0
Height 10.0
Weight 20.000000
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