TK 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild Service

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Do it once and so it right! offers inspection, repair, rebuilding, balancing, and upgrade services for most OEM Automotive, light Diesel, light Industrial, and Ag Turbochargers as well as many Performance applications for them through our trusted turbocharger rebuild partner. They have QUALITY built into their entire turbo rebuilding process using only OEM spec parts or better.....thinking that matches up perfectly with ours. There are many factors that contribute to turbo failure and we can aid in diagnosing possible operating issues that may have caused the unit’s demise. Many times a standard rebuild and balance will bring a turbo back to life but there are some cases where a replacement of “hard parts”, such as a shaft, wheel, or housing may be required. In the unfortunate situation where additional components are necessary to complete the repair, a full quote is offered prior to completion of the work. With our partners experience in thousands of successful turbo rebuilds, we can offer you the most cost effective options for repair. In most cases, rebuilding or repairing your existing unit is cheaper and sometimes faster than sourcing a new replacement. If you have questions about this service or would like to know if your turbo can be rebuilt, please call us at 860-676-2929 or e-mail

Common causes of turbo failure:

  • Restricted Oil Feed Lines/Filters: Starves turbo for oil, prevents proper turbo bearing lubrication. Kinks in the feed line can restrict oil flow
  • Internal Engine Bearing Failure: Metal/debris shavings contaminates oil and causes scoring of turbo bearings/internal turbo components
  • Underperforming Oil Pump: The pump is overworked as it tries to pump oil through the clogged filters. Even when new turbo and filters are installed, limited oil pressure is still an issue
  • Improper Oil Drain: Oil return line is kinked, clogged, or restricted and not allowing oil to return to the motor from the turbo
  • Improper Use of Sealants/Gaskets: Blockage to oil passages can be caused from improper sealer used in feed/drain fittings, pieces of gasket material can break off and enter turbo
  • Dirty Air Inlet: Reduce air supply to turbo can increase EGTs and excessive heat will destroy/crack turbo and potentially create a vacuum to draw oil through seals in compressor housing
  • Excessive Fuel: Leads to higher EGTs and can cause warping/cracking and bearing failure
    Improper Engine Shut Down: Rapid shut down of a hot engine will not allow oil to properly drain from the turbo and heat to adequately dissipate from the exhaust housing.
  • Engine/Turbo Intake Debris: Broken engine components (pistons, rings, valves), nuts, bolts, dirt, foreign material can damage compressor and turbine wheels, cause turbo failure this is called FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
  • Clogged Engine Crankcase Vent/PCV Valve: Builds excessive engine crankcase pressure and does not allow oil to drain (blows out turbo seals)
  • Engine Blow-by: Causes excessive crankcase pressure and will not allow turbo oil to drain
  • Excessive Oil Pressure: Too much oil pressure causes oil seals to fail
  • Improper Feed/Drain Hose Sizing: Oil cannot feed or drain adequately

More Information
Part Includes
  • Turbo disassembly
  • Thorough inspection to determine failure & condition of turbo
  • Turbo reassembly with all new internals to OEM spec
  • Full Balance
  • Thorough part cleaning (your turbo will look & perform like new)

Please do not ship anything without contacting us first.

*Prices start at $749 for the above service for most turbos. If there is damage to your turbo (bent fins, snapped shaft or gauged housings) the price can go up and will be quoted before any additional work is done.
**Standard rebuild time is 5-10 business days once the turbo is received. Please call with any questions.
Type of PartTurbo Rebuild Service
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