Selecting your Garrett Advancing Motion Turbocharger

A Complete Guide to Garrett Turbochargers

If you’re looking to boost your vehicle’s performance, increase efficiency, and improve fuel economy, installing a turbocharger is the best option. provides options for hundreds of vehicle configurations; from sport compact cars to industrial diesel equipment, and the experience to properly design your system.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the very popular Garrett line of Turbochargers. - You’ve seen the GT, GTX, GTX Gen 2, G Series, and GBC model turbos. How do they differ and what’s best for your project?

GT Series Turbochargers

Garrett GT Series Turbo

The GT Series—often referred to as Garrett GT turbos—is a well-known title in the world of forced induction. These turbochargers are famous for their dependability and pioneered ball bearing turbo technology in the aftermarket performance sector. The "GT" stands for "Garrett Turbo," and they are categorized differently based on their flow capacity and frame sizes.

The popular GT line up utilizes a proven cast wheel design to offer reliable service at an entry level price point.

Enthusiasts commonly use these in applications where moderate to high power levels are required and, because of their massive size range and extensive available housing options, are often chosen as an upgrade for inferior quality turbochargers.

GTX Series (Gen 1) Turbochargers

Garrett GTX Gen 1 Turbochargers

The GTX Series takes the performance of Garrett's GT Series to the next level. These turbos are part of the "Garrett GTX" family and are designed to provide superior airflow and power potential. The "X" in GTX indicates an extreme performance upgrade over the standard GT counterparts. Here you’ll find higher end materials and newer technology in the turbocharger construction. Billet compressor wheels are standard and newer AERO is implemented for increased flow through the compressor housing.

GTX turbos feature advanced aerodynamics and come in various sizes to suit different power goals. The GTX line is an easy upgrade for customers looking to squeeze a bit more power than their GT series can offer.

GTX Gen 2 Series Turbochargers

Garrett GTX Gen 2 Series Turbochargers

The GTX Gen 2 Series is the latest development of the GTX line. These turbos feature state-of-the-art aerodynamics and further improved wheel designs—resulting in even more significant efficiency and power potential.

The Gen 2 technology improves spool-up and throttle response while supplying additional top-end power at higher boost levels. In addition, these turbochargers are outstanding for tuners requiring the absolute best in performance and are typically found in high-end, race bread vehicles.

G Series Turbochargers

Garrett G Series Turbos

The G Series turbochargers are the latest in the ball bearing offering from Garret. Famous for their reliability and efficiency, these turbos include the evolutionary ultra-flow turbine wheels which are constructed of Mar-M to withstand incredibly high temperatures. With a 20% increase in power potential over most of the competition, the turbos build more power per pound of boost to optimize throttle response. Likewise, these turbos are designed for a vast range of applications and offer an array of power capabilities.

The "G" signifies "Garrett," and they come in various sizes to accommodate different engine setups. G Series turbos are renowned for their quick spool-up and are at home in competition built vehicles where very high boost levels are common. Have a motor built for big boost? The G series is the turbo you need!

GBC (Garrett Boost Club Line)

Garrett GBC Club Line Turbos

The “GBC” turbos from Garrett offer a ton of value. Sure, the bearings aren’t exotic and the housings aren’t polished, but if you’re looking for a turbo that packs a punch at a price point that won’t drain your bank account, the GBC turbos can’t be beat! The billet wheel designs are taken from the GTX series line up and with the huge variation of internal and externally gated housing options, you know there’s a model to suit your application.

The GBC series are popular with the power sports crowd where small displacement, high HP builds are what this model does best!

Garrett PowerMAX™ Factory Turbo Upgrades

Garrett PowerMAX Factory Turbo Upgrades

The Garrett PowerMax™ turbochargers are a great upgrade for your vehicle's engine performance. These turbos are designed to increase compressor air flow, providing more power and efficiency. With a fully-machined compressor wheel, you can expect improved compressor efficiency and flow. The larger Inconel turbine wheels also helps to increase turbine flow compared to OEM turbos.

These turbochargers are easy to install as they come fully assembled and calibrated. They are a direct drop-in replacement for OEM turbos, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Whether you have a Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Audi, or another popular diesel or factory turbo application, these turbocharger upgrade kits are a perfect addition to your build plans.

Upgrade your vehicle's performance with the Garrett PowerMax™ turbochargers today.

Garrett OEM Stock Replacement Turbochargers

Garrett OEM Stock Replacement Turbocharegrs

Garrett, a renowned OEM turbo manufacturer, has been in the industry pretty much since the inception of turbochargers in factory cars. Whether you are seeking a performance boost or simply aiming to restore your vehicle to its original state, Garrett offers a wide range of high-quality OEM stock replacement turbos at competitive prices. Rest assured, your turbo needs will be met with excellence and affordability.

How to Choose the Right Garrett Turbocharger

Research Garrett Turbochargers

You should start by doing detailed research on the Garrett turbochargers available in the market.

For instance, you could check out were you’ll find a plethora of information. Read product specifications, and scan through online forums and reviews. You’ll gain insight into the performance and capabilities of each model.

Determine Your Goals

You should clearly define your goals and expectations for your vehicle's performance. You can consider factors like horsepower and torque gains, spool-up time, and intended use (street, track, or both).

Knowing the type of power you want to make will help you narrow down the Garrett turbocharger options that align with your objectives.

Consult with Experts

You should seek advice from the experts at who specialize in turbocharger installations and sizing. They can provide valuable insights and recommend the best Garrett turbocharger for your specific vehicle and engine setup.

Budget Considerations

Determine your budget for the turbocharger upgrade. Find out what you want and see if that option meets your price point.

And here’s the good news: has the best pricing AND service so you can shop for your Garrett with a range of turbochargers at various price points, and having a clear budget in mind will help you make a more informed decision.

Select the Right Model

Choose the Garrett turbocharger model that best suits your needs and budget. Consider factors like compressor size, turbine housing, and the technology employed (e.g., GT VS G series for advanced aerodynamics).

Purchase from Trusted Sources

Buy your Garrett turbocharger from authorized dealers or reputable retailers. This assures that you receive a genuine product with the manufacturer's warranty and support. In turn, you’ll have far fewer issues and headaches when investing in the proper turbo.

Final Thoughts

Comprehending the different elements of a turbocharger system is fundamental for those wanting to enhance their vehicle's performance.

Whether you're interested in the GT Series for a balanced setup, the extreme power of the GTX Series, the cutting-edge technology of the GTX Gen 2 Series, or the versatility of the G Series—Garrett offers a range of options to suit your needs.

However, before diving into a turbocharger upgrade, it's crucial to assess your goals and budget and choose the right components that align with your engine's requirements and your desired level of performance.

If you choose the right components, you’ll unleash the full potential of your vehicle's engine while ensuring its longevity and reliability on the road or track.

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