A Comprehensive Guide to BorgWarner Turbochargers

Turbochargers play an increasingly important role in our quest for added engine power, performance, efficiency, and lower emissions. BorgWarner turbochargers are one of the premier names in the industry due to their innovation, reliability, and capabilities; in fact, many engine builders—from daily driven vehicles to high-performance race applications—use them, and TurboKits.com is your best source for tech tips, information, and sourcing.

Let’s take a closer look at the best BorgWarner turbochargers, and we’ll detail which one could be the best option for you.

Why Choose BorgWarner’s Turbochargers

  1. Proven Quality and Reliability: BorgWarner is a trusted name in the industry, famous for durable and dependable turbochargers. With options like Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearings, Double seals, and Water cooled Center Sections, it’s no wonder they are the choice at the track.
  2. Innovative Technology: Feature cutting-edge engineering and design innovations; Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip compressor wheels, Low Inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheels, and integrated compressor recirculation valves on the EFR line mean you’re getting the best bang for your buck from 1 package!
  3. Diverse Product Range: BorgWarner offers turbochargers for various applications and power goals. From large displacement diesel engine, to compact, high-revving power sports builds; the team at TurboKits.com can configure the turbo to exceed your expectations.
  4. Customization Options: Many BorgWarner models can be customized to match your engine usage and power goals. From various turbine housing options, custom coatings,  internal and external wastegate choices, to various compressor housing styles, TurboKits.com has the ability to assemble the best turbo for your build.
  5. Durability: BorgWarner hand assembles their turbochargers to withstand the rigors high-performance driving. All tolerances are checked, all hardware is torqued to spec, and critical balancing is completed before each unit is bagged and boxed and shipped to you!
  6. Improved Fuel Efficiency: BorgWarner's turbocharger innovations optimize air intake and combustion, enhancing fuel efficiency, power, and performance.

1. The EFR Series

BorgWarner EFR Series Turbochargers

BorgWarner's Engineered for Racing (EFR) series illustrates the pinnacle of turbocharger technology for any enthusiast. With incredible versatility, the EFR Series turbos are designed to deliver phenomenal power, response, and durability—making them a favorite among TurboKits.com customers.

EFR turbos encompass creative features, such as titanium aluminide (Gamma-Ti) turbine wheels, Forged milled extended tip compressor wheels, Military-grade dual ceramic ball bearing assemblies with silver-plated metal cages, low-friction ball-bearing systems for enhanced response, and a very impressive max rotational speed of 150krpm.

The advanced engineering and compact design also enable integration into street and track applications and are offer the highest level of performance in the Borg Warner lineup.

2. The AirWerks Series

BorgWarner AirWerks Series Turbochargers

BorgWarner's AirWerks series presents a range of trustworthy, performance-oriented turbochargers perfect seeking a balance between strength and durability. Customer choose these turbochargers for their top-quality materials and construction, guaranteeing constant high performance under challenging, high boost conditions. The twin hydrodynamic journal bearing design and extended tip compressor wheel design, provides a rugged package capable of producing 70+ PSI!

Note that the AirWerks series, like the EFR, includes an array of options tailored for different engine sizes and power goals. From smaller 52mm, mid-frame turbos excellent for quick spooling and low-end torque to larger 80 and even 90mm wheels, capable of sustaining high horsepower builds—there's a perfect AirWerks turbo for your application.

If a dependable workhorse turbo is what you need, the AirWerks series is an excellent choice.

3. The SX-E Series

BorgWarner SX-E Billet Series Turbochargers

BorgWarner created the SX-E series turbochargers for those who require the latest AERO tech on a budget. The SX-E turbocharger group was engineered utilizing a forged milled "Billet" compressor wheel, optimized ported-shroud housing, and integrated speed sensor to complement the simplistic journal bearing design and support boost levels up to 70 PSI! The 60-70mm wheel sizes are our most popular sellers!  

4. The Drop in, Stock Location Upgrades/Replacements

BorgWarner OEM Turbo Upgrades

With Borg Warner’s close alignment with motorsports racing heritage, it’s only natural that they offer drop in, bolt on upgrade for popular factory turbocharged vehicles from Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mini. Looking for a bit more power than your stock turbo can provide? Choose one of the popular OEM turbo upgrades to compliment your performance ride. Have a factory turbo in need of replacement? Look to the quality line of OEM replacement turbos also from Borg Warner. With stock fitment, direct bolt on installation, and the quality components that has made Borg famous, these are an easy solution to get you back on the road.

So, how do you choose?

Selecting the correct turbocharger for your engine build is a critical decision that can significantly impact the performance and characteristics of your project. Picking the wrong turbo could mean leaving power on the table, improper engine operation, and lack of performance.

Here are some key factors to consider while making your decision:

  • Engine Size and Displacement: The turbocharger you choose should match the engine's size displacement, and working RPM. A turbo that is too small may not deliver adequate airflow for a larger engine—while an oversized turbo will cause turbo lag and inefficient operation on a smaller engine.
  • Power Goals: You should always consider your desired power output. BorgWarner turbos are optimized for different power levels, so select one that aligns with your objectives. Wheel sizes, A/Rs, and housing configurations all play a critical role in the power output potential.
  • Spooling Characteristics: Turbocharger spooling refers to how quickly the turbocharger begins delivering a boost. Remember, smaller turbos spool up quickly—providing low-end torque—while larger turbos may offer more top-end power. Again, sizing the turbo properly to your engine to optimize the response, but not choke in the upper RPMs is critical.
  • Durability: What is your intended use? It is a track car with high thrust loads? A weekend cruiser you take to get ice cream? Or perhaps you’re building a custom turbo set up on a diesel application. TurboKits.com has decades of experience in custom configuring turbo projects and knows what it takes to keep you up and running.
  • Available Space: You should consider the physical constraints in your engine bay. Some BorgWarner turbos, like the smaller EFR units, can fit tight engine bays and still produce massive power. The larger T4 and T6 AirWerks or SX-Es surely need plenty of real estate to accommodate the larger frame.

Final Thoughts

BorgWarner's line of turbochargers offers various options to cater to the diverse needs of automotive, commercial, industrial, power sports, and marine. From the high-performance EFR series to the versatile AirWerks, precision-focused SX-E series—BorgWarner provides solutions for nearly every project.

Choosing the right BorgWarner turbocharger for your build requires a careful evaluation of factors and the team at TurboKits.com has the knowledge and resources necessary to supply the correct turbo for your application.

At TurboKits.com, we take pride in proving you the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle your boosted build. If you have questions about the most suitable turbocharger for your needs, visit our website at https://www.turbokits.com/ or 860-676-2929 and follow us on social medial for sales, updates, tips and tricks!