The NEW HPT Turbo Line Up of Turbochargers

“NEW”… When you hear of something “NEW”, what comes to mind? Innovative, modern, advanced, fresh, cutting edge! While Harry Hruska, the past owner of Precision Turbo & Engine, certainly isn’t “NEW” to Turbochargers, his line of HPT Turbochargers surely is! His experience of being behind the wheel at PTE culminates to decades of knowledge in building amazing turbos. Engineering more efficient wheels, lighter housings, improving durability and increasing performance was always the goal, and through innovation and extensive R&D, those tasks were achieved.

What do these years of experience mean when turbo shopping? “NEW”! The NEW HPT turbos offer the fastest spooling, highest CFM aero package in the industry. Better transient response at any RPM, unmatched durability through their newly designed ball bearing system, and an available 4 year, standard 2 year, no hassle warranty proves this family business will support their product!
A favorite HPT innovation of mine is the new, high flow stainless steel investment cast turbine housing. Traditional T3 housings are heavy and restrictive on the inlet. HPT has redesigned the classic T3 and improved flow by trimming the excessive material on the "throat” of the inlet to reduce weight and improve exhaust gas energy to the turbine wheel. Building the housing in stainless offers better heat dissipation and maintains improved aesthetics. The result is half the weight of an iron housing, better throttle response and spool time, a housing that allows for improved efficiency on high RPM platforms (think K20), and will outperform your typical T3 framed V-Band/V-Band configuration.

All the technology and innovation aside, I feel the best selling point for the HPT line is the warranty! There isn’t another manufacturer that believes in their product and stands behind their turbos more than HPT. With a standard 2 year warranty, which gets elevated to a 4 year warranty with the purchase of a case of their advanced HPL oil, you can’t afford NOT to have an HPT turbo under your hood. If you break off a chunk of your piston and send it through the turbo, it’s covered. If you drop the turbo trying to get it installed and crack the housing, it’s covered. If your competition throws rocks in your compressor wheel at the track, IT’S COVERED!
Another exciting development from the HPT camp is the release of the new F5, large frame series of turbochargers. With single turbos capable of an incredible 3200 HP, these units are packed with HPT greatness. New Titanium wheel technology has moved the F5 to the front of the pack. From the 80103 (80mm Compressor Wheel/103mm Turbine Wheel) up to the 116112 wheel package, all the assemblies include pre-installed Turbosmart oil feed filters, ball bearing construction, and aluminum bearing housings with integrated backing plates. Again, better throttle response and faster spool, more durability, more HP per pound of boost, and did you see our HPT coupon code at

Whether you’re looking to modernize your classic Buick Grand National or shatter the world record with your turbo snowmobile, has the experience and the HPT turbos needed for the win! While the HPT brand may be NEW to you, they’re backed by a combined 60+ years of experience from the team at For turbine sizing and information, e-mail or call us at 860-676-2929.