Looking to develop and market your own turbo kits?

Have you grown tired of the fabrication process for your current kit?

Turbokits.com can help! With a skilled team of R & D specialists, fabricators and procurement experts on hand, we will take your project from start to finish. Let us design, test and mass produce the highest quality and best fitting turbo kits for you! We provide your business a complete kit that you can market as your own, under your label, without the hassle of in-house storage! Turbokits.com can handle all aspects from managing development, to warehousing finished kits, and drop shipping them directly to your customer. This "white glove" service is a complete solution.

The final product is a pallet of boxed kits, ready to label and ship. No packing, no assembly, period. Additional options include step by step install instructions and custom boxes. We have expertise in all aspects of the forced induction industry: Automotive, Diesel, Off-Road, Utility, Power sports, and marine. What does this all mean for you? Maximum profits with minimal customer support.

Businesses please e-mail us sales@turbokits.com or call us at 860-676-2929

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