HPT Turbochargers - F5 Series (1800HP - 3200HP)

The story of HPT F2 Series Turbochargers cannot be told without the legendary Harry Hruska, the founder and former owner of Precision Turbo and Engine. He’s taken 30 years of experience at the helm of PTE and developed HPT. Lighter turbos. Faster spool. More power. HPT Turbo is setting the new standard in turbocharging and pioneering a new generation of boost! Backed by a 2 year automatic warranty or a 4 year warranty with the purchase of our HPL Oil, you can buy HPT with confidence.

5 Items

116mm / 112mm 116112 F5 Turbo by HPT
88mm / 103mm 88103 F5 Turbo by HPT
91mm / 103mm 91103 F5 Turbo by HPT
94mm / 103mm 94103 F5 Turbo by HPT
98mm / 103mm 98103 F5 Turbo by HPT
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