Precision Turbo and Engine Product Line Up

Since the late 1980s, Precision Turbo and Engine has been a respected leader in aftermarket turbocharger and forced induction systems and components. Their manufacturing and distribution facility in Crown Point, Indiana provides a central location for turbocharger distribution throughout North America and a proving ground for their latest innovations. Whether you’re truck or tractor pulling, looking for an upgraded replacement turbocharger, or shooting to beat your personal best track time, Precision offers a turbo to meet your goals and budget. Don’t be overwhelmed by the terminology and options! We’ll take a closer look at what they have to offer!

1. Precision MFS (Machined from Solid) Series Turbos

Precision MFS (Machined from Solid) Series Turbos

The MFS (Machined From Solid) series of turbochargers offer a ton of value! This entry level option may be lower on price, but not in capability! With a custom aluminum compressor wheel, 360 Degree journal bearing system, and multiple turbine housing options, this is cost-effective solution for those looking for the best option on a budget. can offer guidance on which option to go with whether it be a 350HP 4 cylinder project or a 1000HP V8, there is an MFS series turbo option available for your build! The LS Series from Precision also falls into the entry level category. Their 360 degree, hydrodynamic bearing system is engineered for exceptional durability and optimal performance. Have an LS you want to turbo? Take a look at this line as it is an excellent match for LS power plants!

2. Precision’s Factory Upgrade or Stock Location Turbo Series

PTE Factory Upgrade Turbochargers

Precision’s Factory Upgrade or Stock Location line of turbochargers is the ideal solution to a lack of horsepower problem! Have an EcoBoost Ford Mustang and the stock turbo just isn’t getting it done? How about a Ford Focus RS or Subaru STI with a failed turbo? Now is the time to look at the Precision Turbo drop in upgrades from! With custom cast turbine housings, these ball bearing, direct bolt-on upgrades offer CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) wheels, Investment cast housings, and a 1 year warranty for peace of mind. The power output of these packages ranges from the 500-600 HP based on application so these bolt-on upgrades will put that lack of HP problem in the rear view mirror!

3. Precision Gen 1 CEA Series Turbos

Precision Gen 1 CEA Series Turbos

The Gen 1 line up was their most popular option for a LONG time. You can choose either a journal bearing or ball bearing configuration in this family of turbos. The wheel and housing design is improved over the MFS category and a huge assortment of housing options means it’s likely they offer the combo you need or your vehicle. The journal bearing version offers a 360 degree thrust bearing for improved reliability and for faster response, go with the ball bearing upgrade! A 1 year warranty is included on all Gen 1 turbos you buy from

4. Precision Gen 2 Ball Bearing Series Turbos

Precision Gen 2 CEA Series Turbos

I’d say the Gen 2 turbo release is where Precision really started to shine! This generation introduced yet another innovative AERO package improvement which provided better wheels, higher efficiency housings, and to show they are serious about performance; are only offered with ball bearing housings. The price point for these turbos is more than you’ll pay for the Gen 1, but you get CEA technology on the cold AND hot side wheels, duel ceramic bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA), and Ported compressor cover when you go with the 4” inlet and 2.5” outlet housing. Extended tip technology was introduced to the Gen 2 turbos, which lengthened the compressor wheel blades by about 2mm. These turbos range in size from 55mm to 118mm so you KNOW the team at can match one perfectly to your goal!

5. Precision NEXT Gen Series Turbos

Precision NEXT Gen Series Turbochargers

On to the NEXT GEN! Precision’s release of the Next Gen turbos has brought a fresh level of excitement to the market. We’re seeing upwards of 15% increases in air flow over the competition due to the Next Generation 7x7 series CEA wheels which utilize the closed die forging process for strength and durability. Extended Tip Wheel technology allows extra air scavenging in the compressor housing to achieve higher HP. Most Next Gen turbos feature a larger compressor wheel exducer compared to the same inducer sized wheels from previous generations. Hub tolerances were tightened to reduce wheel weight and further improve air flow. The SCP (S Cast Ported) Anti-Surge compressor cover is now an option and utilizes the 4” inlet with 2.5” compressor outlet connection. The best news is that if you own an earlier generation Gen 2 Precision turbocharger, you can purchase the Next Gen turbo as a Supercore (CHRA and compressor cover) and utilize your current exhaust housing when ordering the same frame/size upgrade Next Gen.

6. Precision External Wastegates

Precision EWGs

No turbo system is complete without a wastegate and blow off valve. The professionals at can correctly size the PTE boost control products to your new Precision turbo. The catalog features options from 39 to 66mm wastegates, with the v-band 46mm (PW46) being the anchor. These gates utilize high quality stainless steel and billet aluminum components to optimize strength and durability. The nickel chromium alloy valve construction provides thousands of cycles of reliable service, and the wastegate kits include all the clamps and flanges necessary for installation.

7. Precision Blow Off Valves (BOV)

Precision BOVs

The Popular PTE 50mm BOV is an industry standard for a plethora of power ranges. Used on 4 cylinder builds and popular on v8 projects, the V-Band style blow off valve also includes a 12 month warranty! Machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum, these anodized black beauties include 3 internal spacers for adjustability and a low-resistance rolling diaphragm for incredible response. Need something larger? A 64mm version is also available which showcases a Kevlar reinforced diaphragm for quick reaction and hard coated, anodized valve stem for durability. Whichever valve you choose, know it’s the perfect partner for your Precision Turbo.

This is a lot of Precision Turbo specific information to digest!

I’m sure you’ve stumbled on some of these terms through your turbocharger search. Our industry loves acronyms and their explanations aren’t always easily accessible. CEA, MFS, NEXT GEN, and PTE are all specific to Precision, and hopefully we’ve been successful at clarifying the “lingo” used to describe their very popular products. has been a direct Precision Turbo and Engine dealer for 20 years and our knowledge of the product line is unsurpassed. If you have questions or would like to purchase Precision Turbo products, please contact the friendly team at

Choosing the right Precision turbocharger for your build requires a careful evaluation of factors and the team at has the knowledge and resources necessary to supply the correct turbo for your application.

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