2015-2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 Replacement Turbo CHRA

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2015-2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 Replacement Turbo CHRA

Our replacement Turbocharger CHRA for your 2015 - 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 2.0T is a direct drop in and exact spec Turbo CHRA as the factory stock turbo. Why replace the complete turbo, when you can replace only the center section (CHRA) at a fraction of the cost and installation difficulty. Why pay the over-blown price for a replacement at the dealership. Our C300 CHRA is OEM based, so all stock oil and water lines bolt up with no modification. If you've blown your OEM turbocharger, this CHRA will get you back in the game and fast.

Don't confuse our replacement turbos, chras and parts with the "cheap imitation" products found on auction sites or less than reputable online stores. Buy your USA, Canada or UK made turbo and CHRAs from TurboKits.com and rest assured knowing you are receiving quality parts!

Common causes of turbo failure:
Restricted Oil Feed Lines/Filters: Starves turbo for oil, prevents proper turbo bearing lubrication. Kinks in the feed line can restrict oil flow
Internal Engine Bearing Failure: Metal/debris shavings contaminates oil and causes scoring of turbo bearings/internal turbo components
Underperforming Oil Pump: The pump is overworked as it tries to pump oil through the clogged filters. Even when new turbo and filters are installed, limited oil pressure is still an issue
Improper Oil Drain: Oil return line is kinked, clogged, or restricted and not allowing oil to return to the motor from the turbo
Engine/Turbo Intake Debris: Broken engine components (pistons, rings, valves), nuts, bolts, dirt, foreign material can damage compressor and turbine wheels, cause turbo failure this is called FOD (Foreign Object Damage)

More Information
Brand TurboKits.com
Type of Part OEM Replacement Turbos
Engine Fitment 2.0T
Length 10
Width 10
Height 10
Weight 10.000000
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