2015-2021 WRX/STi Tein Flex Z Coilovers

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2015-2021 WRX/STi Tein Flex Z Coilovers - VSSB2-C1SS4

Ride Height Adjustment
MAX FRONT: -3.0" to -0.2"
MAX REAR: -3.3" to -0.4"
RECCOMENDED FRONT: -1.6" to -0.8"
RECCOMENDED REAR: -1.4" to -0.6"

Spring Rate:

Cabler Adjustment:
FRONT - YES: Pillow Ball Upper Mounts
REAR - NO: Rubber Upper Mounts

Dampening Adjustment:
Yes, 16 Level, EDC Compatibile

2015-2021 Subaru WRX (VAG)
2015-2021 Suabru STi (VAB/VAF)

- Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature: Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality
- Twin-Tube Structure: For Low Resiliency & Securing Sufficient Stroke
- Damping Force Adjustment System: 16-level Linear Damping Force Adjustment System
- Complete Kit with Upper Mount: Exclusively Designed Upper Mounts are Included (Except Some Models)
- 1-Full-Car-Kit: Complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs

FLEX Z inherits all the features and quality of STREET FLEX but the adoption of new platform allows its price to be set at amazingly low range for the quality. FLEX Z, of course, maintains the long-favored "Made in Yokohama" quality. Ride height adjustable shock absorber, fully loaded with TEIN's comprehensive technology, is now more affordable prices than ever.

Twin-Tube System for Comfortable Ride on Streets!
Considering the use of larger tires/wheels and the lowered ride height, FLEX Z uses twin-tube system, in pursuit of ride comfort on streets. In order to maintain the ride quality on streets with rough spots here and there, a shock absorber has to have sufficient stroke, be low-frictional and move smoothly. As an oil chamber and a gas chamber are not arranged serially in a twin-tube system, it is easy to secure enough stroke. Also, low gas pressure keeps friction low. Its smooth stroke movement makes it possible to follow rough and bumpy road surfaces quite well, offering supple ride at low speed and stable ride at high speed.

Full-Length System for Ride Height Adjustment w/ Minimal Change in Ride!
Full-length ride height adjustment system, used for FLEX Z, enables adjustment of ride height by adjusting the case length, without changing the damper stroke length and/or spring pre-load. This has the advantage that the change in ride quality is kept minimal when the height is adjusted. This system not only makes it possible to maintain good balance between the low-down appearance and ride comfort, but also provides more setting choices for sport driving as well.

Damping Force Adjustable to Change Ride to Desired Settings!
FLEX Z has ever-popular 16-level damping force adjustment (comp./rebound together) feature with the use of needle valve. By turning the adjustment knob, damping force (stiffness) is adjusted linearly step by step, to change the ride and handling of the car to suit driver's needs/preferences. Use of well-reputed "ADVANCE Needle" at the needle valve for oil flow control secures sufficient damping force adjustable range. Whether it's for the handling characteristics of sport driving or for the ride quality according to numbers of passengers, finding the most desirable setting is easier than ever.

More Information
Part Number VSSB2-C1SS4
Brand Tein
Type of Part Suspension
Length 36
Width 12
Height 12
Weight 62.000000
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