AEM Infinity Series 5 PnP Harness

BF21008-506, BF21008-508, BF21009-508, BF21009-506
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AEM Infinity Series 5 PnP Harness for 2002-2006 Acura RSX K20 6MT

These are harnesses for the use of AEM's Infinity Series-5 units.

*The Infinity has full control of fuel and ignition timing.
*The Infinity 508 is required for engines with eight cylinders.
*Some vehicles may need an aftermarket crank/cam angle disc if the vehicle's factory crank/cam pattern is not officially supported by AEM.
*In some instances, the factory ECU remains in place to control dash gauges, drive-by-wire throttle systems, and other amenities.
*The factory ECU can be replaced if all vehicle functions are fully supported by AEM.
*Dodge/Ford/Hyundai/Kia applications require AEM coil drivers to be plugged into the Boomslang harness.
*AEM Net, AEM UEGO, and AEM Flash Enable connectors are wired into the Boomslang harness.
*Fully plug and play. Easy to install. Easy to uninstall.
*Boomslang fabricates the sub-harnesses. No cores needed.
*Saves time, hard-wiring costs, and your factory wire harness.

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Part NumberBF21008-506, BF21008-508, BF21009-508, BF21009-506
Type of PartEngine Management
Engine FitmentK-Series
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