AMR Performance Comport Handheld Programmer

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The Comport Handheld Programmer has been discontinued and replaced with the much more advanced Comport Pro Tuning Suite Here:

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Automatic tuning
Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes (including STOCK tune)
100% Plug-and-Play functionality
100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes

Power Gains:
Stage 1: +45-55hp / +70-80tq (octane depending)
Stage 2: +60-70hp / +80-100tq (octane depending)

Vehicle Application:
2014+ Mercedes Benz CLA 250
2014+ Mercedes Benz GLA 250
2013+ Mercedes Benz A250

Octane(s) Available:
AUTO-DETECT tuning maps
Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes
- Stock
- 91 Octane – w/ Burble
- 93 Octane – w/ Burble
- 91 Octane – w/o Burble
- 93 Octane – w/o Burble
100% Plug-and-Play functionality
100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes

AMR Performance Enhancement Features:
•Optimized Fuel Mapping
•Optimized Timing Curve
•Speed Limiter Removed
•Improved Fuel Efficiency
•Broader & Stronger Power Band
•Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
•Increased Turbocharger Response
•In-House Engineered & Tested Results
•Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns

After hours of data acquisition and numerous runs on the dynamometer, AMR Performance has engineered and developed ECU Software upgrade(s) for the Mercedes Benz CLA 250. Not only does this upgrade give the vehicle an increase in horsepower, torque, but also increase the turbocharger’s response, increase in boost levels, optimal fuel curve, and an increase in throttle response! This well engineered recipe turns this normally commuter vehicle into a torque filled throttle happy warrior!

Unleash #beastmode and improve your vehicles performance in minutes!

The COMPORT handheld ECU programming tool offers pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes/maps giving you the
ability to continue upgrading your vehicle without the need of purchasing “retunes”.

The COMPORT has the ability to program our custom ECU software (tunes) into your vehicle from the comfort of your own home as well as give you the ability to continue upgrading the vehicle without the need for your ECU to be removed or shipped in!

More Information
Part Number AMR-MBCLA250-117C
Brand AMR
Type of Part ECU Tuning
Engine Fitment 2.0T
Length 8
Width 6
Height 6
Weight 1.000000
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