BorgWarner Porsche 997TT BV50 Stock Replacement Turbo

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BorgWarner was the first manufacturer in the world to offer VTG turbochargers for gasoline engines in mass production. The porsche 997 BV50 turbo is the direct result of this effort. BV turbos employ exotic materials and unique designs making them optimally tuned to the extreme thermal loads found in high performance gasoline turbocharged engines. BorgWarner has developed a robust VTG mechanism that works reliably even in the toughest of conditions and also employs a CFD-Optimized vanepack design that provides excellent efficiency.
Additional Information:
◾Max warm oil pressure: 5 bar (73.5psi)
◾Max cold oil pressure: 8 bar (118psi)
◾When starting a fresh engine build or in extremely cold climates - oil pressure must reach 0.5bar (7.2psi) within 4 seconds maximum.
◾Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT until full operating oil pressure is present
◾Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT if any boost leaks are present (this can result in turbocharger overspeed)

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Part Number53049880060, 53049880061, 53049880080, 53049880081
Type of PartOEM Replacement Turbos
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