Garrett GT15-GT25 Turbo Rebuild Kit, Including VNT Turbos

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Don't confuse our rebuild kits with the "cheap imitation" products found on auction sites or less than reputable online stores. Buy your USA, Canada or UK made rebuild kit from and rest assured knowing you are receiving quality parts!

Don't want to rebuild the turbo yourself, check out the rebuild service, thanks.

If you know the turbo rebuild kit you require, feel free to place the order online now.

If not, we cannot research the proper turbo rebuild kit without a turbo part number. Please locate the part number(s) on your turbo and submit them to our "Contact Us" form. We will respond with a price and availability. Thank you.
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Part Includes

#1  Journal bearing, Slender shaft
#1  Journal bearing, Standard shaft
#2  Retaining ring for journal bearing
#3  Anti-rotation pin for journal bearing
#4  Piston ring for turbine end
#5  Thrust bearing
#6  Bolts for seal plate and thrust bearing
#7  Thrust spacer, Super back
#7  Thrust spacer, Flat back
#7  Thrust spacer
#8  Piston ring for compressor end
#8  Piston ring for compressor end
#9  O-ring for seal plate/bearing housing
#10  Thrust collar
#11  Locknut for turbine shaft
#12  (5) O-rings for backing plate
#13  Bolts for compressor end
N/A  Bolts for turbine end
N/A  Bolts for actuator bracket

Type of PartTurbo Rebuild Kits
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