Garrett GVW-45 45mm External Wastegate - Red | 908828-0001

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Garrett GVW-45 45mm External Wastegate - Red | 908828-0001

Garrett Vent | External Wastegates regulate turbocharger shaft speed by venting exhaust gas around the turbine stage of the turbocharger. CFD optimized design maximizes flow and delivers optimum boost control. Advanced thermal optimization increases durability of the diaphragm. The cap design makes spring changes and serviceability of the entire GVW lineup easier and more reliable to perform.

External Wastegates: Features
• CFD tested for maximum flow and thermal efficiency
• Optimized actuation stability and temperature resistance for superior durability
• Replaceable valve and bushing components to increase service life
• Robust design for easy diaphragm replacement
• Liquid-cooled actuator ports for use on severe applications (up to 52% reduction in body temp)
• Anodized aluminum actuator cover
• Four Colors: Red | Blue | Black | Silver
• Three Sizes: 40mm | 45mm | 50mm
• Springs | Fittings | Flanges | V-bands included
• Standard Base Pressure: 1 Bar | 14.5 PSI
• Maximum Base Pressure:
GVW40: 25 PSI | 1.7 Bar
GVW45 | GVW50: 23 PSI | 1.6 Bar
• Minimum Base Pressure: 3 PSI | 0.2 Bar

Material Data: The valve housing is cast from high temp stainless steel and rated for exhaust temperatures up to 1050° C. CFD optimized for maximum flow and thermal efficiency.
• Valve Housing: High temp stainless steel rated up to 1050° C
• Diaphragm: High temp Nomex reinforced elastomer
• Actuator Cover: Fully-machined anodized 6061 aluminum
• Valve Guide | Bushing: Nitronic 60
• Valve: high temp stainless steel with plated stem
• V-Band: CNC machined 304 stainless steel
• Flanges: Fully-machined 304 stainless steel
• Springs: 17/7 PH stainless steel

Mechanical Data: Garrett Vent | External Wastegates are created by the engineers that designed G-Series and GTX Gen II turbochargers. Available in three sizes: 40mm | 45mm | 50mm
• Valve Diameter: 40mm | 45mm | 50mm
• Valve Mass: (40mm)1.27kg | 45oz (45mm) 1.47kg | 52oz (50mm) 1.56kg | 55oz
• Max Spring Base Pressure: 1.7 bar | 25 psi (1:1 backpressure ratio)
• Minimum Spring Base Pressure: 0.2 bar | 3 psi (1:1 backpressure ratio)
• Port Fitting | Air: M10x1.0 to hose barb (hose ID 6mm | .25in)
• Port Fitting | Water: M8x1.0 to AN-3

Thermal Data: When researching and testing common shortfalls of wastegates, we observed how heat cycling and normal wear can rapidly change their actuation characteristics. Garrett engineers created GVW as a high flowing product with low degradation in performance over its lifespan. Actuation data (opening and closing) in the chart was measured before and after extreme testing conditions. Results show the heat cycled GVW product maintains linear control of the wastegate as compared to the new product. Precise actuation of the GVW provides accurate calibration settings and performance throughout the lifespan of the product. Accurate wastegates, allow for optimum performance of the turbocharger.
• Max Thermal Stress (non-cooled): 270°C actuator body temp during thermal cycle test
• Max Thermal Stress (liquid-cooled): 130°C actuator body temp during thermal cycle test
• Max Exhaust Temp | Peak: Up to 1050°C

GVW Wastegates include all the following parts:
• Springs
• V-Band: Inlet | Outlet
• Outlet Flange
• Inlet Flange
• Valve Seat
• Washers: M8 | M10
• Water Fittings
• Banjo Bolt and Banjo Fittings
• Air Plugs

More Information
Part Number 908828-0001
Brand Garrett
Type of Part External Wastegates (EWG)
Length 8
Width 8
Height 6
Weight 7.000000
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