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IHI VF46 NEW Stock Turbocharger

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IHI VF46 NEW Stock Turbocharger for 2007-2009 Subaru Legacy GT, 2007-2009 Subaru Outback XT -14411AA671, 14411AA670, 14411AA6709L

The IHI VF46 turbocharger is the perfect replacement for your blown stock Subaru Legacy/Outback turbocharger. Don't pay the over-blown price for a replacement at the dealership. offers a direct replacement for your Legacy GT/Outback XT. It is an OEM turbocharger so all stock oil and water lines bolt up with no modification. If you've blown your OEM turbocharger, this turbo will get you back in the game.

**If you purchase any VF40, VF46 or VF52 and do not purchase the Oil Line Kit at the same time or follow the procedures below your VF40 / VF46 / VF52 will have NO WARRANTY.**

  • Common causes of turbo failure:
    • Restricted Oil Feed Lines/Filters: Starves turbo for oil, prevents proper turbo bearing lubrication. Kinks in the feed line can restrict oil flow
    • Internal Engine Bearing Failure: Metal/debris shavings contaminates oil and causes scoring of turbo bearings/internal turbo components
    • Underperforming Oil Pump: The pump is overworked as it tries to pump oil through the clogged filters. Even when new turbo and filters are installed, limited oil pressure is still an issue
    • Improper Oil Drain: Oil return line is kinked, clogged, or restricted and not allowing oil to return to the motor from the turbo
    • Engine/Turbo Intake Debris: Broken engine components (pistons, rings, valves), nuts, bolts, dirt, foreign material can damage compressor and turbine wheels, cause turbo failure this is called FOD (Foreign Object Damage)


  • Check list for installation of new VF40 / VF46 / VF52 Turbo or CHRA:
    • Replace Oil Pump w/ OE 11mm Oil Pump
    • Flush Oil System, Inc: AVCS, Oil Feed, Oil Drain, Oil Cooler, Oil Filter, Oil Pan, Etc.
    • Remove, Inspect / Replace AVCS Valves
    • Remove Oil Pan, Clean Sludge and Flush, Inspect Main and Rod Bearings for Signs of Wear, Replace if Nessecary
    • Replace All Oil Feed Lines
    • Inspect / Repalce Oil Drain Line
    • Remove, Inspect / Flush / Replace Oil Cooler & Lines
    • Inspect / Replace Up Pipe CAT


It is very important that you check these things prior to installing a new turbo. The Subaru Outback XT, Legacy GT are known to have multiple repeat turbo failures unless these are checked and fixed prior to installing a replacement turbo. Failure to do so may lead to your replacement turbo failing and that failure will not be covered under warranty. If a turbo sent in for warranty inspection is found to have symptoms that relate to the standard VF Turbo Failures (Oil Starvation, Oil Contamination or FOD) they WILL NOT be covered under warranty for any reason.

For CA Proposition 65 Warning: Click Here

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Part Number14411AA671, 14411AA670, 14411AA6709L
Type of PartOEM Replacement Turbos
Engine FitmentEJ25
Horsepower GainsStock
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