On3 2015-2020 Mustang GT 5.0L Single Turbo Kit

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On3 Single Turbo Kit for 2015-2020 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote

On 3 Performance has been designing turbo systems for the Coyote 5.0 platform since it was released in 2011. We first launched our extremely popular twin turbo system which people have been running now for over 5 years. Cars have now been into the 7’s utilizing conponets from our system now in the quarter mile with a proven track record. If you check out our Quickest Coyote List, we started with 10 spots and had to expand to over 20 spots now to account for customers currently running 9.99’s or quicker! We see that some customers are specifically looking for a Coyote 5.0 single turbo system option. This is a less complex system and will be slightly easier to install for the average person building their car out of a garage. Out of the box, our system is going to have amazing potential and be geared toward those targeting 600-1050 rear wheel horsepower.

Each On3 Single Turbo Kit for 2015-2020 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote Includes
•On3 Cast Stainless Gen. 2 Forward Facing Turbo Manifolds
•Turbocharger – On3 2nd Gen 76mm CNC Billet Wheel, Anti-Surge Compressor, T-4 Flanged Journal Bearing (76 BMF)
•Custom Split Downpipe To Dual 2.5″ 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe Kit
•304 Stainless Steel Dump Tube
•4” Race Core Intercooler, Inlet and Outlet – Bar and Plate Core
•On3 Intercooler Mounts
•3” 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping, Turbo to Intercooler
•3.5” 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping, Inner Fender to Throttle Body
•On3 Aluminum Dual Fan Shroud
•Maradyne Dual 12″ Electric Fans
•On3 Radiator Support Aluminum Fabricated Bracket Kit
•On3 Aluminum Fabricated ECU Relocation Bracket Kit
•All Silicone Couplers (Black) Needed and Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps
•Dual On3 44mm V-banded Wastegates (Black)
•On3 50mm Blowoff Valve (Black)
•Blow-off Valve and Wastegate Flanges Pre-Fabricated
•On3 Billet Oil Feed Sandwich Plate (Turbo Oil Feed)
•Oil Feed Kit With All Fittings – Stainless Braided Feed Line
•Oil Drain Kit With All Fittings
•On3 A/C Line Kit
•On3 CNC billet A/C Line Compressor Adapter
•Stainless Steel V-band Clamps REVISED 8mm Bolt Now
•Complete Fastener Kit

Hot Side Spec:
Instead of making the stainless cast manifold an option like the twin system, we are making it standard in our single turbo kit. Our system uses a tweaked version of our forward facing manifolds that have already been proven over 1500rwhp. One of the most important aspects to the On3 Single Turbo Kit for 2015-2020 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote is that the factory kmember is retained an does not require an aftermarket tubular unit. Connecting to the turbo manifolds is a 304ss 2.5″ merge pipe to route exhaust gases to your turbo. In order to have optimal control over boost, integrated dual 44mm wastegates. This allows users to dial the boost in all the way down to 6psi and hold steady. Both gates are vented to atmosphere and this sounds amazing.

Performance Specs:
The On3 Single Turbo Kit for 2015-2020 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote is designed around one of the nicest and most powerful turbochargers On3 has produced to date. The new 2nd Gen On3 76mm which features a CNC billet wheel, 4″ anti-surge inlet compressor cover and 3.0″ outlet. This powerful turbo has no problem keeping back pressure to a minimum! With testing that yielded 916 rear wheel horsepower at only 12psi. Being that this design car was shipped in for development, the owner said that was a great stopping point for the time being. We have no doubt it would easily make more power as On3 has made 1050~rwhp on earlier applications with the exact same turbo model.

You will also notice we have a few different exhaust options that you can go with. Each kit is going to contain the full turbo back exhaust that gets you to the catback connection. We also see the popular trend of guys wanting to run the bumper exit style exhaust which clearly is a more race inspired option. This is completely a personal preference and selection should be made depending on what you are building the accomplish. Keep in mind if you plan to run full exhaust, you MUST have an upgraded axle back system. If you attempt to run full exhaust through stock mufflers, your going to create a massive restriction which will drive back pressure through the roof. On our test car, we ran this car with open downpipes for reference on the dyno. For street driving, the car now had a catback on it but does have active cutouts to keep the exhaust flow restriction to a minimum.

Details When Ordering:
As far as other options, we suggest: On 3 Billet boost controller, Vacuum block, FIC 1000cc / ID1000 injectors, and a tune. These are the bare essentials to get your car finished and completely dialed in. On the 2018+ applications, you can run the kit on 6psi with the stock fuel system if you are going for a bare minimum combo. If doing so, It is not recommended that you push the car WHATSOEVER PAST 650rwhp. Its almost like insurance to do the fuel system, any small hiccup and your car will not handle the proper fueling. Given that you do the fuel system, even if you did have a boost spike, you would have the fuel system to properly keep the engine from leaning out.

More Information
Part Number ON3-GT50-STRB
Brand On 3 Performance
Type of Part Turbo Kits
Engine Fitment 5.0L
Length 42
Width 24
Height 20
Weight 105.000000
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