QX30 AMR Performance Comport PRO Tuning Suite

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"... the most advanced all in one tuning suite..."

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What is the AMR Performance Pro Tuning Suite?
The AMR Performance Pro Tuning Suite is the most advanced an all-in-one OBD diagnostic and programming software on the market that will allow you, the end users, to flash AMR Performance provided tune(s) and custom tune(s) to their ECU. The user can live monitor, datalog, switch back to stock, read fault codes, and clear faults all from the comfort of their own home!

What are the Pro Tuning Suite features?
• 100% Plug-and-Play functionality
• Read Trouble Codes in all vehicle modules
• Clear Trouble Codes in all vehicle modules
• Reset Learned Adaptations (octane, knock, fuel, etc...)
• Live Data Monitoring (monitor vehicle parameters live)
• Live Data Monitoring Recording (datalogging)
• Flash all available tunes for your vehicle at your leisure
• Custom tuning capabilities for your own tuner of choice
•Pre-Loaded tunes: Choose in the drop-down menu either Stage 1, Stage 2 or TurboKits.com Big Turbo Tune, in 91 and 93 octanes and burble and non-burble options.

Power Gains:
• Stage 1: +50-60hp / +60-70tq (octane depending)
• Stage 2: +65-75hp / +75-85tq (octane depending)
• Stage 3 (Big Turbo): +100hp/+100tq (octane depending)

• Optimized Fuel Mapping
• Optimized Timing Curve
• Improved Fuel Efficiency
• Broader & Stronger Power Band
• Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
• Increased Turbocharger Response
• In-House Engineered & Tested Results
• Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns

Parameter Logging:
Once connected to your vehicle, all you would need to do is select "START LIVE MONITORING". The software will automatically grab the available monitors and, if available, custom monitors that we have designed specifically for your vehicle. To record the live monitor screen, simply select "LOG MONITOR DATA". To stop monitoring any data, simply select "STOP LIVE MONITORING".

Have your own tuner?
Not to worry! The AMR Performance COMPORT Pro Tuning Suite is a one stop shop! You can data log your vehicles parameters, save them and email them to your tuner. Your tuner can make the corrections needed, upload the tune to your account and within seconds of uploading it is now available for programming!

More Information
Brand AMR
Type of Part ECU Tuning
Engine Fitment 2.0T
Length 8
Width 6
Height 6
Weight 1.000000
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