Radium Engineering Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion Kit without Fittings

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This fuel rail kit converts the OEM side feed fuel injector setup to top feed, allowing the use of high flow fuel injectors (not included). Each rail features a large 15.2mm (0.6") internal diameter bore to suit even the most fuel hungry engines.

They are CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, black anodized, and laser engraved for a high quality surface finish. All 3 ports on each fuel rail are tapped with 3/8" NPT

The fuel rail kit comes with four -6AN male adapters. This is enough to plumb the rails in "Parallel, Flow-Through" or "Series", as shown. Refer to the More Details tab above for more information. If -8AN fittings are required, they can be purchased here 14-0185. Also included are four 3/8" NPT plugs. Two of the plugs can be used if the fuel rails will be plumbed in "Parallel, Dead End", as shown. The other two plugs are commonly used for the lower center ports. Optional fuel pulse dampers can be selected and installed in any of the ports on the fuel rails.

Machined phenolic mounting spacers and washers are included to completely isolate the fuel rail from heat transferred from the TGV housings and mounting bolts. 

Two sets of these press-fit phenolic spacers (8 total) and matching hardware are included to suit different height fuel injectors. The kit is designed for specific upper and lower O-ring spacing, as depicted below.

The 4 billet injector seats are anodized and laser etched and are designed for 14mm diameter lower O-ring injectors.

Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this fuel rail kit:
Injector Dynamics ID725-48-14
Injector Dynamics ID850-48-14
Injector Dynamics ID1000-48-14
Injector Dynamics ID1300-48-14
Injector Dynamics ID1300-34-14
Injector Dynamics ID2000-48-14
Injector Dynamics ID2000-34-14
RC Engineering SM2-0310
RC Engineering SM2-0370
RC Engineering SM2-0450
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0042-4
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0050-4
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0065-4
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0090-4
Deatschwerks 16M-00-1500-4
Deatschwerks 16M-00-2200-4 
Deatschwerks 17U-00-0050-4
Deatschwerks 17U-00-0060-4
Deatschwerks 17U-00-0072-4
Deatschwerks 17U-00-0095-4
Deatschwerks 16S-12-2200-4

This fuel rail conversion kit is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85.

All parts listed below are included for a trouble and leak-free installation.
 * Black Anodized Laser Etched Aluminum Fuel Rails (x2)
 * Phenolic Thermal Insulating Press-In Spacers, Tall (x4)
 * Phenolic Thermal Insulating Press-In Spacers, Short (x4)
 * Phenolic Thermal Insulating Press-In Washers (x4)
 * Stainless Steel M8x1.25 Mounting Bolts, Long (x4)
 * Stainless Steel M8x1.25 Mounting Bolts, Short (x4)
 * Black Anodized Aluminum -6AN Male Fittings (x4)
 * Black Anodized Aluminum 3/8" NPT Plugs (x4)
 * Radium 20-0171-04, Subaru Injector Seats (x4)

*NOTE: This fuel rail kit does NOT come with hoses.*

More Information
Part Number 20-0168-02
Brand Radium Engineering
Type of Part Fuel Components
Length 6.0
Width 10.0
Height 6.0
Weight 8.000000
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