TurboKits.com Stage 4 Power Package

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Stage 4 CLA 250 TurboKits.com Performance Package
- TurboKits.com Turbo Upgrade - $1349.00
- TurboKits.com FMIC Kit - $795.00
- Armytrix 3" Downpipe - $790.00
- TurboKits.com BOV Spacer - $89.00
- K&N Intake - $429.00
- AMR Turbo Upgrade (Stage 4) Flash w- Comport PRO Tuning Suite  - $1495.00
TOTAL - $4947.00 *when purchased separately

+80-100 WHP
+80-100 WTQ
* with gains in the 125WHP/WTQ range in the higher RPMs.

TurboKits.com CLA 250 Turbo Upgrade

Constructed of billet aluminum, our 59mm compressor wheel is 5-axis CNC machined and flows 36+ lbs/min of air. Peak HP & Torque gains in the 80-100 WHP range but this isn't just about peak numbers. The power band continues to grow up and beyond 4500 RPMs where gains approaching 125 Wheel HP and Wheel Torque can be seen. This turbo spools like stock, creates great power and pulls all the way to redline! And we've done this all while maintaining a margin of safety for the motor, transmission.

The CLA250 is a great daily. However lacking on power. Even with a Stage 2 package the factory turbocharger is "tapped" out. The lack of packages and attention to the CLA250 can put a damper on modifying. This is why TurboKits.com has spent alot of time coming up with a turbocharger upgrade that will give the CLA250 a stronger powerband without the sacrifice of losing low-end power. Which is something overlooked by competitors.

After spending time working and collaborating with AMR on this fun project, we have finished developing a software upgrade to complete this full package and give your vehicle the "worry free" power increase you've been looking for.
Because we start with a factory CLA 250 Turbocharger, there are no custom oil or water lines to leak, simple R&R install, no headaches. All factory lines, gaskets, fittings, couplers and connectors mount to the TurboKits.com Turbo Upgrade.

Key Features:
5 Axis CNC Upgraded Compressor Wheel for More Flow
Upgraded 11 Blade Turbine Wheel for More Flow
Ported Exhaust Maniold for More Flow
Ported Exhaust Housing for More Flow
Upgraded Wastegate Actuator
Rebuilt with new bearings and balanced for smooth operation
100% Bolt on installtion
+80-100 Wheel HP / +80-100 Lb Ft of Wheel Torque

Supported Platforms:
2014+ CLA 250 FWD & 4Matic
2014+ GLA 250 FWD & 4Matic
2013+ A250

Turbo Specific Tune Required. Select the AMR ECU Flash Option for a plug n play expierence

*** These gains were done on 93 octane.
*** Available for 91 octane as well.

The price listed does not include a core charge. You have 2 options 1) Pay the core charge, the TurboKits.com Turbo Upgrade will ship to you, an RGA# and shipping instructions are sent for your core return. Once received, the core is inspected and your account will be credited upon approval. Or 2) Do not pay the core charge when you place the order. We will send you a RGA# and shipping instructions for your core to be sent in, it will be inspected, approved and given the TurboKits.com treatment, then shipped back to you. There is no core refund with option 2, as no core charge was collected. Thank you.

TurboKits.com CLA 250 FMIC Kit

Massive 24.0"x11.78"x3.0" Intercooler Core
Mounting Brackets & Hardware
TK.com Exclusive Turbo Baffle Delete Adapter
Billet CNC OEM Style Piping Adapter
Turbo Hot Side Aluminum Charge Pipe
(2) 90* 4 Ply Silicone Couplers
(6) Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
Step by Step Installation Instructions

The quality, fit, and finish of our CLA intercooler upgrade is amazing. When compared to the stock unit, the gains start at a respectable 8 Wheel HP and 12 ft/lbs of Tq at the tires, BUT to our surprise, on the SECOND run, the factory intercooler heat soaked so terribly that the increase jumped to 20 Wheel HP and 23 Wheel Tq, then went as high as 50 Wheel HP above 4500 RPM!

Our Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Front Mount Intercooler Kit (FMIC) starts with a huge 24.0"x11.78"x3.0" bar and plate core. The leak tested core utilizes the same fin height for both internal and external rows with the external fins being louvered and offset from the internal fins. While this design has better heat transfer capabilities, pressure drop can increase. Normally, we would use plain style fins for the internal passages, especially on such a long core (24" long), however, we were able to help with the pressure drop by increasing the fin height from 0.25" to 0.375", resulting in outstanding cooling characteristics while maintaining minimal pressure drop. To further disperse the turbo air charge evenly across the entire core, we cast an internal splitter in the end tanks which also increases velocity. What is the result? A 50% reduction in air intake temps, gains reaching to 25HP and 25TQ above a heat soaked stock unit, and optimized engine efficiency through a colder, denser air inlet charge which the stock ECU will account for. Real gains of 50+ HP above 4500 RPM! All from an intercooler upgrade…

Ok I want it, but what about installation? I don't want to tear my car apart! Don't worry, once the bumper is removed (very easy), the intercooler can be installed in roughly an hour. Actually, the DYNO testing and installation of our FMIC was done without unstrapping the car from the DYNO! Not only did we do this to prove the ease of installation, but also to guarantee the most accurate DYNO results. The car could be returned to stock very easily.

Armytrix 3" High Flow Downpipe

Product Information
To enhance your vehicle by adding the Armytrix exhaust system to increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant sporty sound, but at the same time neutralizes the annoying frequencies in the most critical rpm range.

Race Downpipe
Link Pipe

Race Downpipe

Mercedes-Benz CLA250 C117 2WD | 4WD 14-17

Images are for representation only. Actual Product may vary.

This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles. Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver.

Blow-Off Valve Spacer

- Machined From Solid Billet Aluminum
- Longer Stainless Steel Hex Bolts
- 5mm Ball End Hex Key
- High Quality O-Rings
- That Awesome BOV “Whoosh” Sound

TurboKits.com is proud to introduce our Billet Aluminum Blow Off Valve (BOV) Spacer specifically engineered for the Mercedes CLA 250 / C300.  The spacers were developed in conjunction with Forge Motorsport, and they are only available through TurboKits.com.  That great atmospheric BOV sound is expected from your turbocharged vehicle, except it’s not there on your CLA 250 / C300.  Specially CNC machined from solid billet aluminum, this spacer gives you that sound you have been looking for.  When letting off the throttle you get that sweet and satisfying “whoosh” letting everyone know your CLA 250 is in fact turbocharged.  It has been designed to work with the original electrically controlled solenoid and utilizes high quality o-rings for a perfect seal.
Mercedes equipped the CLA 250 / C300 with a recirculating style BOV, which allows the charge air to be routed around the turbocharger from the boost side back to the intake side.  The downside to this style of system is it recirculates the hot air back into the intake side of the turbo, increasing temperatures.  When equipping a vehicle with a spacer like ours, it helps remedy this issue.
This great solution for open air venting comes in an exclusive kit only from us and includes everything you will need for the install.  We supply three new cap head hex bolts as well as a ball end hex key; no need to go digging through the top drawer of your tool box.  The special ball end key helps with replacement of the hardware, allowing you to access the bolts from a better angle with more room.

"This is by far the best mod I've bought for my 250. And one of the best $100 I've ever spent. Had on my car for 6 months now, still loving it!” - rxccode (MB CLA Forum), Nebraska.

Cold Air Intake

•Increased horsepower and torque
•Designed to improve torque and acceleration
•Replaces entire factory air box and air filter system
•Easy to install, usually in 90 minutes or less
•K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty

The K&N Performance Airbox is designed to dramatically reduce air flow restriction as well as smooth and straighten air flow. Replacing the restrictive factory air filter and air box allows your engine to inhale more air than with the factory air filter assembly. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range. A fully enclosed injection molded air box connects to the factory air intake hose. The removable lid provides easy access to the filter when cleaning is required. This performance air box is relatively easy to install. The required tools are commonly available and it uses the previous air box space. These air box systems are built to last for the life of your vehicle and they're backed by K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty.

AMR Comport PRO Tuning Suite

HP Gains:
Torque Gains:
Vehicle Application:
2014+ Mercedes Benz CLA 250

Octane(s) Available:
•91 Octane
•93 Octane
•95 Ron (euro)
•98 Ron (euro)

AMR Performance Enhancement Features:
•Optimized Fuel Mapping
•Optimized Timing Curve
•Speed Limiter Removed
•Improved Fuel Efficiency
•Broader & Stronger Power Band
•Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
•Increased Turbocharger Response
•In-House Engineered & Tested Results
•Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns

After hours of data acquisition and numerous runs on the dynamometer, AMR Performance has engineered and developed ECU Software upgrade(s) for the Mercedes Benz CLA 250. Not only does this upgrade give the vehicle an increase in horsepower, torque, but also increase the turbocharger’s response, increase in boost levels, optimal fuel curve, and an increase in throttle response! This well engineered recipe turns this normally commuter vehicle into a torque filled throttle happy warrior!

More Information
Type of PartPower Packages
Engine Fitment2.0T GDi
Horsepower Gains+100WHP/+100WTQ
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