Clutchmasters Multiplate Clutch-Flywheel Combo FX700

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This is the complete clutch / flywheel combo for the serious racer. Included in all kits is an ultra lightweight aluminum flywheel custom made for this application. It handles the heat of serious racing use and has an ultra low inertia design for faster revving and the quickest possible acceleration.

These clutches have a billet pressure plate designed for high power applications. Its pressure is higher than conventional style aftermarket pressure plates so expect a HEAVY pedal. We also recommend adding an extended slave cylinder pishrod and braided clutch line for best release performance.

The FX700 kit includes the extreme duty ceramic bronze discs for the ultimate in heat and abuse resistance. The FX700 is brutal so don't try driving mom to the grocery store on this clutch. Works best for road course use. Clutch Masters does not claim a specific torque rating for either clutch because it is highly dependent on usage, launching, etc. Making over 500whp and running large drag radials our MR2-S did well with the FX600. If you plan on usage that will cause lots of heat like road course racing, extreme repeated drag launches, etc you may want to consider the FX700. Kit does not include release bearing or clutch alignment tool.          

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Part Number16-080-TD7
BrandClutch Masters
Type of PartClutch Kits
Engine Fitment1.8L (2ZZ-GE)
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