Great Reasons to Turbocharge your vehicle

Turbochargers aren’t new technology; they’ve been around for decades. Now, in 2023, they’ve become vital to the automotive, industrial, and commercial industries—especially for high-performance sports cars and diesel trucks. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to have a turbo under your hood now, can help!

Here are some of the key reasons you should invest in turbochargers in 2023:

1. More Engine Power and Fewer Emissions

One of the most prominent reasons for the growth of turbochargers is the boost in engine power and torque- something most drivers crave. After all, why wouldn’t you want to get more from your engine? Fuel and emissions are becoming a growing concern—especially in this decade—for drivers in the United States. Small displacement, internal combustion engines can meet the strict emissions standards, but without a turbo, they lack the performance our automotive market demands. Lower emissions, incredible fuel economy, and great power is a win, win, win!

2. Boosts the Engine’s Responsiveness

Most drivers would love their engines to become more responsive, and here’s the good news: turbochargers will do that! Billet wheels, ceramic ball bearings, a plethora of wheel and housing options, internal and external wastegates, mean the turbo responds faster when you put your pedal down. The experts at can properly configure the correct turbocharger to meet your goals and application.

If you have a sports car, truck, motorcycle, or side by side, adding a turbo is essential to the hard hitting throttle response your crave!

3. Increase the Resale Value of Your Vehicle

One of the most important things you must consider when buying a car is maintaining the resale value of the vehicle. One way to IMPROVE the resale value of your vehicle is to install a turbo kit.

When you purchase a turbo kit from, our high quality, brand name components are designed to withstand the rigors or daily, off-road, and recreational use! All drivers want added performance and turbocharging your vehicle will make it more desirable when it goes on the market.

4. Improves Vehicle Handling

High-performance driving situations require high performance turbochargers! Properly matching your turbo to the type of power band you are looking for means the HP and TQ is available at the RPM you need it! Competitive driving requires control and finesse so pairing a modern engine management/vehicle control system with the tire shredding power of a turbocharger, will give you the edge!

5. Increase Engine Lifespan

Turbochargers increase efficiency by better atomizing fuel as it’s ingested by your engine. With increased aspiration and better atomized fuel, you’ll achieve more power and TQ at lower RPMs- lessoning the wear and tear on your engine. Unlike belt driven superchargers, turbos are driven off spent exhaust gasses that are otherwise turned into power. One of the major advantages or a turbo is you aren’t robbing engine HP to drive the belts, pulley, and blower set up of a mechanically driven supercharger.

6. Increased Performance at High-Altitude

If you ever drive your non-turbo vehicle at higher altitudes, you will witness reduced engine power due to lack of oxygen. Air becomes less dense as your altitude increases meaning sluggish engine performance and dwindling power output. has a solution for your elevation woes! Installing a turbo kit will compensate for your increased elevation by compressing your engine’s intake air, improving density, and ensuring your engine can keep its power output at high altitudes. Anyone towing or driving in the mountains needs a turbocharger!

7. Adjust the Performance Level of Your Vehicle

Another benefit of buying a turbo kit for your vehicle is the ability to adjust the boost level to match your needs. Boost is the amount of air pressure created by your turbocharger, which ultimately enters the intake system of your vehicle. By installing an electronic boost controller, the driver can adjust the engine’s power output with the flip of a switch or the turn of a knob.

For competitive track driving or aggressive off-road conditions, turn the boost up to achieve maximum performance.

Likewise, for daily driving or highway cruising, turn the boost down to maximize efficiency and fuel economy. Some electric boost controllers offer smartphone apps for ultimate control!

8. Provides Sleek Designs and Ohhh that Turbo Sound!

Not only can a turbo kit completely transform the overall performance of your vehicle, but it can also increase your car’s visual appeal. Turbochargers come in all variations and colors. Custom coatings, polishing, anodizing, and heat resistant coverings allow for the unique design to compliment your custom build. Make the turbo be the standout feature of your project!

Love that blow off valve sound? You’ll only get that from adding a turbocharger! The whoosh of the compressed air releasing from your BOV adds to the enjoyment of going turbo! Let everyone know what’s under your hood.

Dress up your engine bay with carbon accents, custom coated bearing housing, polished charge piping, and a thermal coated intercooler!

Now is the Best Time to Buy a Turbo Kit!

There’s never been a better time to buy yourself a custom turbo kit for your vehicle. It will make improve your vehicle’s performance, reduce emissions, and improve resale value and driving enjoyment!

At, we design, develop, and market turbo systems for the automotive, commercial, and industrial markets. Since 2001, our dedication to customer support and exceptional quality has been our motivation.

If you have any questions about the best car turbo kit for your vehicle, please get in touch with us. Our commitment to offering the best products and support is 22 years strong!